Gallery: Rogue Nation

John Wood, Peter O'Brien, Leanna Walsman and Geoff Morrell will bring to life historic colonial figures in ABC's new docudrama.

rn12Next week ABC features the first of a 2 part historic docudrama that looks at colonial Australia.

Respected actors including John Wood, Peter O’Brien, Leanna Walsman, Geoff Morrell, Les Hill and Heather Mitchell as characters in a fledgling colony while the Rum Rebellion takes hold. They will play well known historic figures including pastoralist John Macarthur, barrister and newspaper proprietor William Wentworth, and Governors William Bligh, Lachlan Macquarie and Ralph Darling.

Historian Michael Cathcart will serve as an escort through this living re-creation, elaborating on facts and information.

ABC has been broadcasting several historic dramatisations including The Last Confession of Alexander Pearce, The Eternity Man and several on key Australian Prime Ministers.

Rogue Nation is directed by Peter Andrikidis.

It begins 7:30pm Sunday March 15th on ABC1.








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