“God, I hate this ad!”

71In the first episode of The Gruen Transfer‘s new season tomorrow night its ad contest The Pitch will see a battle to sell  Nuclear Reactors. And the panel looks at Australian Tourism and Recession advertising.

This year the show also ads an exclusive web-only segment, ‘God I Hate This Ad!’

Wil Anderson sounds off about an ad that has been annoying him and then dares the industry panel to defend it. It will be available straight after the show goes to air.

You can see a sneak preview of the first ad under the spotlight, Chrysler’s ‘Yes We Can’ on the show’s website.

The segment is also looking for viewer input. Feel free to nominate some irritating ads.

The Gruen Transfer website has been nominated for an international Webby Award and is one of ABC-TV’s most popular sites.

The Gruen Transfer returns 9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


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