Gold Logie leak

rebecca-gibneyThe list of Gold Logie nominees has been leaked.

It is reported to nominate: Rebecca Gibney, Kate Ritchie, Simone Jade Mackinnon, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Andrew Denton, Adam Hills, Rove McManus and Ian Smith.

Advertisements for the issue of TV Week featuring the names of the Logie nominees aired on Channel 9 yesterday morning. At least two of the ads screened before being pulled from air.


The Herald Sun has scooped the eight names today, ahead of this morning’s nomination event at Hoyts Entertainment Quarter in Moore Park.

The leak is a major bungle for the Logies, which is at pains to keep the list under wraps. It wouldn’t even put them out earlier with an embargo.

The eight names in contention (most categories have five) includes several expected names (Gibney, McManus, Hills, Denton) and adds Ritchie (despite barely being on screen in ’08), McKinnon and Bassingthwaighte plus a sentimental push for retired Ian Smith after an online campaign by the TEN Network.

Absent are the cast from Underbelly, John Howard and Lisa McCune, amongst others.

Full Logie nominees will be published this morning.

Gibney will be the one to beat…

Source: Herald Sun


  1. For all those whinging and complaining about Kate Ritchie’s nominations for her work last year, bear in mind the fact that she actually had more air time in 2008 on Home and Away than any of the Underbelly cast. Underbelly aired from early February to early May (about three months, for a total of 13 episodes). Kate featured in a major storyline on Home and Away from mid-January to early April – about 2.5 months, so maybe 3 weeks less than Underbelly. Let’s say she spent 10 weeks on air in 2008 – 2.5 hours of television per week, 25 hours all up…..almost double the air time of Underbelly. Yep – Kate’s just as deserving as any of the Underbelly cast.

  2. @ Nick, and she was substantially rewarded last year. I don’t believe she has done anything of merit this year to warrant being nominated for a gold logie.

    Just because she grew up ‘before the nations eyes?!’ doesn’t make her some uber-talented actress.

  3. @ Goonies – What role could be more “substantial” than playing Sally Fletcher for an amazing 20 years – growing up before the nations eyes!? If that isn’t susbstantial, I don’t know what is.

  4. I’m sure the leak was no accident. If something is “leaked”, it implies that it has importance so it’s a good marketing ploy to leak stuff. Good luck to the nominees and hopefully the person who deserves it the most wins the gold logie.

  5. Not happy with Kate Richie being in there. She had her farwell year with everyone fawning all over her. She needs to prove that she can actually entertain people in substantial roles before she gets nominated for the gold again!!

    Ditto with Rove, how he keeps getting nominated when his own tv show is totally substandard is beyond me!

    Go Ian Smith!!

  6. Go Ian smith / Harold bishop /Ted Douglas I really want him to win but he probably wont because it will probably go to someone less deserving like Kate or Natalie go Ian

  7. i must remember to watch 9 news tonight to see how they work around the fact that their only gold nomination is from a show that they thought was suited to saturday at midnight during the non-ratings period. while the multimillion dollar “blockbuster” didn’t get a mention. 9 hasn’t won gold since 1996 looks like another year goes begging.

    rebecca doesn’t really have any serious competition up there. Ian smith might be deserving but the neighbours fan power isn’t very strong only getting 1 logie in the past 5 years.

    good on ch10 for scoring 3 gold nominations

  8. Well, I had to google to find out who Simone Jade Mackinnon is.

    Rove McManus. *yawn*

    I’d love an ABC boy to get it, but really I think it will come down to Ian Smith or Rebecca Gibney and probably the latter rather then the former.

  9. @ Richard H – re ‘The whole logie thing is a joke, I’m sorry but please who the heck decides whos going to get nominated’

    From the SMH today: ‘The awards are divided into two groups, most popular categories, which are voted by the readers of TV Week magazine, and most outstanding categories, which are voted by people working in the TV industry experts.

    The public can vote for nominees via SMS or a 1900 number until Logies night.”



  10. @ Richard H: Of course Natalie Bassingthwaighte has been everywhere – she does have a now platinum-selling album to support you know! [Which has spawned 2 top-10 hit singles so far, with combined sales over 100,000 units!!] This promotion is to be expected.

    Anyway, she is nominated for Dance, not self-promotion.

  11. kate ritchie was on air for 2 months which is still a substancial amount, just because it was a long time ago doesn’t make it any less, especially compared to people like vince colossimo which were only on for 2 hours.

    that said i am very surprised she was nominated and would prefer if she wasn’t, she probably won’t win and now she can’t say she finished on top.

  12. look in all honesty how can kate Ritchie been nominated, really like the girl , but hasnt she been off the air for a majority of the year? or has it really been a long year.

    Yep Bec Gibney will win easily

  13. why hasn’t kerry ann been nominated over Kate richie? come on how many years on tv does she have to do in order to get the gold. The whole logie thing is a joke, I’m sorry but please who the heck decides whos going to get nominated?

    i mean basthingwhait is such a publicity seeker it aint funny. is ther a show she has not made an appearence on? The whole Logie thing is such a laugh i mean come on u actually take that stuff seriously?

  14. Just how many people are involved in the actual decision in first place and then how many more need to know ?
    TV people keeping a secret – odds are someone will let cat out of bag ‘cos they need publiciity.

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