Hill and Phelps to the Rescue

rescueUpdated: Les Hill and Peter Phelps will star in Nine’s new action drama, Rescue Special Ops, (aka Rescue, Rescue Squad).

Also featuring Libby Tanner (All Saints), Gigi Edgley (Stingers) and Daniel Amalm (Home and Away, Two Fists, One Heart) the series follows elite ambos responding to extreme calls.

The show features ‘Dean Gallagher’, and ‘Chase’, brothers: competitive alpha males, who argue over everything, agree on nothing, but defend each other from outsiders no matter what. In previous information on the show, the roles were aged 29 and 26.

Cast have begun arduous training regimes, with much physicality attached to their new roles.

Nine’s head of drama Jo Horsburgh said, “Obviously, we started working on this series before we knew of the changes to All Saints and ours will prove different,” she said. “It’s edgy, lots of great stunts, self-contained, with a brilliant cast and the same high standards people have come to expect from a Nine series.”

The 13-part drama begins shooting locally next month and is expected to screen later this year.

Source / photo:  news.com.au


  1. mmm, here is an idea for channel 9, why not resurect Stingers rather than another medical show.

    But then in saying that, I wish for the best for this new series, and if it gets off the ground and runs for a few series, we’ll know what will end up happening anyway – Channel 9 will can it like they do with most other good shows!

  2. Katie-les hill is awesome!

    Sounds like a great show

    cant wait to see it
    it will be great to have a new australian show in the mix

    sounds like a great cast too-I am such a big fan of Les Hill, peter phelps, and the rest of the cast

    good stuff everyone hope it goes great-you already have one fan with me

    Katie 🙂

  3. I think it would be good, I mean I love Gigi Edgley and Libby Tanner.
    And you never know it might be very popular if it’s full action packed
    If it’s good or not I don’t care I just want to watch Gigi and Libby

  4. Australia needs more action shows, action movies. We’re living with a very dull entertainment industry at the moment. We should be applauding shows who would like to go the extra mile.

  5. I think Nine also made the mistake with the ‘too young cast’ with Canal Road, where every one of the actors playing lawyers seemed to be under thirty – fairly unrealistic from the legal firms I have had dealings with.

  6. same old same old from nine they never learn. time to ax the drama dept and hire some new fresh idea people to give us better more vaired shows.

  7. So the series has gone from potentially-skewing younger audiences with younger actors, to becoming more of a series that shall focus on Nine’s key 25-54 demo. The ages of these two actors are nowhere near the original concept.

    Has Nine possibly seen that having too many younger actors can work against you, as in the case of Rush?

  8. This will go the same way as the Strip, another one of nine’s failed attempts at an Aussie drama. Just the fact its had like 3 name changes already goes to show its on shabby grounds and their insecure with it. Thats one thing I notice with some of Nine’s shows, if they were that dedicated and sure they have a ‘hit show for 2009’ they would have name for it and leave it at that.

  9. This sounds like a blatant rip off of Rush / All Saints MRU.

    They should have just stuck with the name ‘Rescue’. ‘Rescue Special Ops’ has axed written all over it.

  10. Wow, there’s a big age gap there, for them to be playing bothers. About 15 years I’d say. As good actors as they are, I hate it when a show miscasts.

  11. The action genre is not outdated Jack! Its too subjective for you to make a claim like that! I for one love them and would go for them over PTTR anyday. Boring? Pfft! That’s your opinion! I’d much rather a show like this than something like City Homicide.

    I don’t think this is very Americanised either – basically all American shows are crime investigation procedurals. PTTR isn’t that well written either from what I’ve seen either.

  12. That is a magnificent cast – and two ex Stingers with Gigi and Phelpsey! And Libby from All Saints! Les and Daniel are great too!

    With such a fantastic cast I hope Nine do it justice with good scripts. It’s a great opportunity for a great show and I hope they don’t waste it.

    Secondly, the shows about Ambos and not cops which is good.

  13. This sounds crap! When are network’s going to learn this whole action drama genre that we see in Rush, All Saints, Sea Patrol and now this is outdated, boring and very ammericanised.

    I’d much sooner watch something more laid back and better written such as Packed to the Rafters.

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