homeMADE renovates format

table-sawNine’s upcoming renovation series homeMADE is reported as changing its format from a half-hour strip show to 2 x 60 minute episodes per week. That’s 30 minutes less than originally planned.

And it also leaves the 7pm timeslot wide open at Nine. The question now is will we be stuck with Two and a Half Men or could Nine move Millionaire Hot Seat into the slot?

Make no mistake, the 7pm slot on commercial TV is about to get a makeover itself. After all TEN has Masterchef Australia due in May. Home and Away is pulling about 1.1m and ABC News continues to benefit from slim alternative offerings.

As previously reported, the US version of The Chopping Block by homeMADE creators Julian Cress and David Barbour was axed after only three weeks.

The new renovation series was also greenlit before the financial global meltdown hit.

Source: The Australian


  1. franz chong

    Millionaire Hot Seat at 7pm would not be a bad idea coming to think of it.

    Bring back Bugs Bunny and Looney Cartoons between 5 and 6pm like we used to have back in the Eighties and Nineties too.

    As Crappy as the Home Renovation show may be Anything has got to be better than countless repeats of 2.5 men.

  2. I think we should have more reality tv with a positve twist instead of teaching our youth how to commit the perfect crime. Maybe include career pathway information for people interested in this field ie media, tourism and design Young people dont know how to get the job they want lets do a show showing career choices and follow real people and how they got involved and what they studied to get there ie The designer guy (Beinnman) story for a start.
    The Baby Boomers are the biggest part of our population and the population with the most disposable income so what do they want !! Go homemade…

  3. This may actually be a good move by 9 I was certain that this would fail and it probably still will but it will probably have a better chance of success at 2×60 rather than 5×30 2.5 men will still stay at 7pm for sure

  4. You know that whether this succeeds or fails we’re going to get copious column inches from David Dale over the implications of home renovation shows on Australian society!

    I wonder if this decision is a signal that this Masterchef show may be a threat?

  5. Less 2.5 men is always a good thing. Put the crappy renovation show back on the 7pm slot, either that or bring in Millionare. They also have 2 seasons of Old Christine which they could air in that slot, that would last them 2 months at least

  6. I was thinking any reality style genre was basically dying. Even the Talent Shows aren’t that engaging unless they are new or still considered “fresh,” Eg So you think you can dance. Not sure why Aussies Got Talent is still working. As for the home reno shows, some work Eg Domestic Blitz, but as with any genre over saturation makes it difficult. The Holiday shows are not as dominant either, Getaway the only long term stayer…. We shall see what happens with 7pm timeslot but kudos to those networks that keep challenging themselves, rather then tired old repeats.

  7. I think this might be more a case of if it aint broke dont fix it. 2.5 Men rpts are still doing quite well in that timeslot. I predicted it to fall on its face by now, but a year later it is still competitive. Can’t blame 9 for continuing to serve up such s**t when people keep tuning in.

  8. Haven”t the networks got the hint yet ?
    No more ‘renovation shows – 1 per network per year is fine but to continually bombard us “with this needy family or the “product placement overload is over the top.

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