Logie Awards 2009: Nominees

Packed to the Rafters and Underbelly lead the pack in the 51st TV Week Logie Awards. Here is the full list.

Packed to the Rafters and Underbelly dominated 2008 television and so it is with the 51st TV Week Logie Awards.

Rafters leads with 11 nominations while Underbelly has, appropriately, nine. Rebecca Gibney, Kat Stewart and Gyton Grantley all have nods in acting for both popular and peer-voted outstanding categories. Gibney is also a front runner for the Gold. Both shows are also in as Most Popular Drama and Most Outstanding Drama.

The lists reflect a strong showing by Drama in 2008. While the magazine’s younger readers favour soaps, the industry also nods to Bed of Roses, Rush and a surprise includion of the telemovie Scorched. It means Sea Patrol, City Homicide, East of Everything, and All Saints are all ignored.

And Drama’s high profile comes at the expense of comedy. While the Popular categories merge comedy with other light entertainment and variety fare, not even The Hollowmen makes that list. It does have a showing in the industry’s Comedy category alongside more niche comedies suchas Review with Myles Barlow and Mr Firth Goes To Washington. But where is Newstopia?

Elsewhere in the popular categories Reality is dominated by variety hybrids (Big Brother wasn’t even on the voting form -why not?). Project Runway Australia is a big omission.  The Rafters kids dominate the Most Popular New Talent categories. Expect Jessica Marais and Hugh Sheridan to both win this one. Two surprise inclusions in Most Popular Lifestyle are Ready Steady Cook and Top Gear Australia.

In Pay Television, Satisfaction only scored two nominations, for Madeleine West and Dustin Clare. The industry has also given nods to Sky News, Disney, Nickelodeon and The History Channel.

Popular Awards
TV WEEK GOLD LOGIE – Most Popular Personality on TV
Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Andrew Denton
Rebecca Gibney
Adam Hills
Simmone Jade Mackinnon
Rove McManus
Kate Ritchie
Ian Smith

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Popular Actress
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Jodi Gordon (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Simmone Jade Mackinnon (McLeod’s Daughters, Nine Network)
Kate Ritchie (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Kat Stewart (Underbelly, Nine Network)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Popular Actor
Gyton Grantley (Underbelly, Nine Network)
Todd Lasance (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Mark Priestley (All Saints, Channel Seven)
Ian Smith (Neighbours, Network Ten)
Erik Thomson (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Popular Presenter
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Network Ten)
Andrew Denton (Enough Rope With Andrew Denton, ABC1)
Grant Denyer (It Takes Two/Australia’s Got Talent, Channel Seven)
Adam Hills (Spicks & Specks, ABC1)
Rove McManus (Rove/Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?, Network Ten)

Kirsty Lee Allan (Sea Patrol, Nine Network)
Rebecca Breeds (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Ricki-Lee Coulter (Australian Idol, Network Ten)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Margot Robbie (Neighbours, Network Ten)

Dean Geyer (Neighbours, Network Ten)
George Houvardas (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Matt Lee (So You Think You Can Dance Australia, Network Ten)
Jordan Rodrigues (Home And Away, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)

Home And Away (Channel Seven)
McLeod’s Daughters (Nine Network)
Neighbours (Network Ten)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Underbelly (Nine Network)

Better Homes And Gardens (Channel Seven)
Domestic Blitz (Nine Network)
Getaway (Nine Network)
Ready Steady Cook (Network Ten)
Top Gear Australia (SBS)

Before The Game (Network Ten)
The Footy Show AFL (Nine Network)
The Footy Show NRL (Nine Network)
Sports Tonight (Network Ten)
Wide World Of Sports (Nine Network)

Australian Idol (Network Ten)
The Biggest Loser (Network Ten)
Dancing With The Stars (Channel Seven)
The Farmer Wants A Wife (Nine Network)
So You Think You Can Dance Australia (Network Ten)

Bondi Rescue (Network Ten)
Border Security (Channel Seven)
Find My Family (Channel Seven)
RPA (Nine Network)
RSPCA Animal Rescue (Channel Seven)

Australia’s Got Talent (Channel Seven)
Deal Or No Deal (Channel Seven)
Rove (Network Ten)
Spicks & Specks (ABC1)
Sunrise (Channel Seven)

Outstanding Awards
TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Outstanding Drama Series, Miniseries or Telemovie
Bed Of Roses (ABC1)
Packed To The Rafters (Channel Seven)
Rush (Network Ten)
Scorched (Nine Network)
Underbelly (Nine Network)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Outstanding Actor
Dustin Clare (Satisfaction, Showcase)
Vince Colosimo (Underbelly, Nine Network)
Gyton Grantley (Underbelly, Nine Network)
Callan Mulvey (Rush, Network Ten)
Damian Walshe-Howling (Underbelly, Nine Network)

TV WEEK SILVER LOGIE — Most Outstanding Actress
Julia Blake (Bed Of Roses, ABC1)
Rebecca Gibney (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Kat Stewart (Underbelly, Nine Network)
Claire Van Der Boom (Rush, Network Ten)
Madeleine West (Satisfaction, Showcase)

“Brisbane Storms” (Seven News)
“China Earthquake” (ABC News)
“China Earthquake” (Nine News Sydney)
“Financial Crisis” (Sky News Business)
“Nike Human Rights Investigation” (Seven News)

“Afghanistan: A Survivor’s Tale” (Foreign Correspondent, ABC1)
“Friday’s Child” (Australian Story, ABC1)
“Mugabe’s Calling Card” (Dateline, SBS)
“Out Of Control” (60 Minutes, Nine Network)
“Timor War Criminal” (Today Tonight, Channel Seven)

Beyond Kokoda (The History Channel)
First Australians (SBS)
The Oasis: Australia’s Homeless Youth (ABC1)
Schapelle Corby: The Hidden Truth (Nine Network)
The Howard Years (ABC1)

Border Security (Channel Seven)
Family Fortunes (ABC1)
RPA (Nine Network)
Two In The Top End (ABC1)
Who Do You Think You Are? (SBS)

The Hollowmen (ABC1)
Mark Loves Sharon (Network Ten)
Mr Firth Goes To Washington (SBS)
Review With Myles Barlow (ABC1)
Very Small Business (ABC1)

AFL Grand Final (Channel Seven)
Beijing Olympics (Channel Seven)
Beijing Paralympics (ABC1)
Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 (Channel Seven)
Tour De France (SBS)

As The Bell Rings (Disney Channel)
Dogstar (Nine Network)
Figaro Pho (ABC1)
H2O: Just Add Water (Network Ten)
Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards (Nickelodeon)

Lauren Clair (Underbelly, Nine Network)
Hanna Mangan-Lawrence (Bed Of Roses, ABC1)
Jessica Marais (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Hugh Sheridan (Packed To The Rafters, Channel Seven)
Ashley Zukerman (Rush, Network Ten)

52 Responses

  1. Alright! where the F’cuk is Gardening Australia, Collectors, Enough Rope, Talking Heads, Landline, 7,30 Report, Foreign Correspondent, Lateline Gruen Transfer and every 4 Corners Australian doco oh, and the best show Media Watch ????? Huh!!!!

    And how come Q&A with Tony Jones is missing????

    Silly me, they’re the shows that the intelligent people watch, of course they aren’t ‘eligible’…[wheres a “rolly eyes”when one needs it *sigh*]

    Hope the kiddies enjoy their show, I’m off to watch Dateline… thanks for the website. The ‘official’ one of course doesn’t provide for comments least an intelligent person leaves one.

  2. Good luck to Sixty Minutes for “Out of Control”. The compassion the whole team showed in telling this story should be commended. A lot goes on behind the scenes the audience don’t realise. Due to the team’s caring and professionalism the public get to witness such stories. Win or loose they are winners in our book.

  3. Rebecca Breeds all the way. I love her she is amazingly talented she is the best female newcomer on home and away, at least for this year’s logie awards lol. But good luck to everyone who is nominated. Also i want to say I love Home and away and Neighbours. hahahaha. Good luck!!!!!!

  4. lol at sunrise being nominated as a light entertainment program, although seven would call it a news/current affair show being nominated in the same category as rove and deal prove that the rest of us don’t think so.

  5. Why did they ever get rid of the most outstanding current affairs and most popular current affairs show category?

    Sunrise – light entertainment! Ha! So true, hardly any news at all!

  6. Margot Robbie could be a surprise winner in the Most Popular New Talent category. Neighbours stars have had a few upset wins in this category in the past (think Natalie Blair and Patrick Harvey), although Jessica Marais will be hard to beat. Still, it would be nice to see Margot win this one and Jessica take out the “Outstanding New Talent” award. She does a great job as Donna. It would also be great to see Ian Smith win the Gold Logie.

  7. Well it’s obviously designed for people who won’t get a gong for most popular talent then! Oh and I think you will find all the Packed To The Rafters kids were nominated but TV Week like to pick and choose and need to spread out the category evenly across the networks or it will just be boring like Which PTTR cast member will win it?

  8. I find it hilarious that Sunrise is up for most popular light entertainment show! It’s suppose to be a morning news program..

    I think next year there should be a new category for most popular morning show so then shows like Today, Mornings With Kerry Anne, 9am with David & Kim can get a go.

    And what’s this with the Graham Kennedy award for outstanding best new talent? Obviously Jessica Marais will get it because she will miss out to Margot Robbie (Neighbours) so they created that category for that reason.

  9. packed to the rafters and underbelly will collect nearly every logie and i hope dean gueyer doesnt get the best new tallant. the packed to the rafter actors are better than him. thank god kochie, tom william and a few others from seven didnt get nominated. if the olympics coverage gets a logie for that rubbinsh. i will throw my tv out the window. it shouldnt have even been nominated

  10. Usually its the “most popular” categories that score the most criticisms when they are announced, but I think the “peer voted” awards which are meant to be the Logies’ saving grace in the cred stakes are going to take a hiding this year.

    Mark Loves Sharon for most outstanding comedy program? The industry must be in a bad state if that can get nominated. Very Small Business was not a bad show but I wouldn’t call it outstanding. I would have thought The Gruen Transfer should at least get a mention in that category.

    Scorched is a laughable nomination for most outstanding drama. Despite a good cast it was poorly written, poorly produced and predictable drama.

    And how does Figaro Pho get a nomination it hasn’t even aired yet? I thought the criteria was it had to air in 2008?

    And I’m sorry that Rodger Corser didn’t score a nomination from either Rush or Underbelly. He’s a good actor and thought would deserve a nomination somewhere in the voted or peer categories.

  11. I don’t know why everyone is bagging out Scorched.

    I really enjoyed it and it was definitely a telemovie that made me think.

    Sometimes we need a programme like that, not brainless crap.

    Where is Rebel Wilson, Bogan Pride, Newstopia, Shaun Micallef?

    And, as far as I know Review with Myles Barlow was only shown on ABC2?

  12. Oh and forgot Kestie Morassi (Satisfaction). She is truly one of Australia’s most promising talents. Would not be surprised if she ends up working in the US one day. She is awesome…….

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