Morning battle becomes brunch

Kerri-Anne, Larry and Kylie (not to mention their crews) are all about to have a longer workout.

mshowThere’s a bit of a battle going on in morning telly.

Well, there always is, but now there’s going to be a longer battle.

With the exit of Fresh (we hear due to no sponsor), Nine plans to extend Mornings with Kerri-Anne to 2.5 hours and Nine Morning News will shift to 11:30am.

So that’s enough for Seven’s Morning Show to match them.

From Monday March 16 Larry and Kylie will also begin an extra workout, also ending at 11:30am. Larry the Lawnmower will move to 3:30pm. Repeats of Murder She Wrote will also vanish replaced by Skin Doctors at 3pm.

Funnily enough, when the show was being mooted there were rumours about what title it would settle on. One of those was said to be “Brunch.”

It must have been prophetic….

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  1. Very unimpressed with Emily’s comments on KA’s program this morning in regards to the British women’s physical appearance on ‘Who’s Got Talent’. I felt her comments were rude, insensitive and unnecessary. Emily is an attractive women, but what came out of her mouth was very unattractive.

  2. Instead of 7 extending The Morning Show to 11.30 I think it would be great if they whacked in a cooking show for that half hour. They could get Barbara Northwood from New Idea who already occasionally does stuff for Sunrise and Morning Show(?) or Fast Ed from Better Homes who has/had his own half hour show in the arvos. They could even repeat them – cheaper still!

  3. Those of us who are home and have the TV on in the morning are very thankful for Foxtel and DVDs. These morning shows are dreadful and not worth watching no matter who they have on (unless you record, fast forward through until you reach the guest you want to see).

  4. Even though I refrained from commenting when it was announced Mornings with Kerri – Anne would be extended through to 11.30, I couldn’t help myself by thinking I wonder how long it will be till Seven starts playing their silly little tit for tat games and matches Nine, by extending The Morning Show by another 30 minutes.

  5. On the note of the morning show/sunrise/news set, I would love to see a floor plan of the Martin place studios. The Sunrise set at the moment looks so much squishier and cluttered than what it used to, how much space have they restricted themselves to coz of TMS?

    Geez, don’t make it obvious Seven… IMO, it makes more sense to have these shows run right into their news so 11.30 pm is a good finish, between the infomercials and commercials, an extra half hour is really about 10 minutes extra for kylie, larry and Kerryanne.

  6. Thanks David.

    Well Zen Man, I don’t accept Kerri Anne’s take that it will mean they can devote more time for discussion, it will just mean extra infomercials to fill up an addition 30 minutes, I mean really how else could they stretch out these shows. They are dull enough already at 2 hours.

  7. The battle is overshadowed by The Morning Show and Kerri-Anne probably filling the extra time with even more infomercial style advertising for some boring worthless vacuum cleaners. Nine’s morning cooking timeslot went downhill ever since Geoff Janz was dropped.

  8. Andrew the way it is set out the seven news set never moves it is fixed. Its the Sunrise and Morning show that share the same set, they just move things around while Mel and Kochie are outside before they hand over to TMS.

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