NBC axes Chopping Block

chopblock11NBC has axed the American adaptation of  The Chopping Block after just three weeks on the air.

The format was developed by Julian Cress and David Barbour in 2 seasons for the Nine Network, but was revamped with changes for the American market.

The show starring renowned chef Marco Pierre White premiered modestly in the US. Critics described it as “a bland dish in a rotten location,” and ” mere garnish for a dish we’ve been offered before.”

The reality series will be replaced with repeats of Law & Order: Criminal Intent from next Wednesday.

The US format changes included a through-line, rather than the self-contained episodes. Eight couples were split into two teams, with each team assigned adjacent restaurant spaces in Manhattan. Rather than restaurants competing for a mere $20,000 each week, teams of couples were fighting to run their own restaurant. It also added weekly eliminations and judges.

Cress and Barbour also created the hit series The Block for Nine, but fell out with a change in management and went to America at the invitation of David Gyngell who was running Granada. When Gyngell returned to helm Nine he lured the pair back where they developed The Chopping Block and their upcoming renovation series homeMADE.

NBC will reportedly run off the remaining episodes at some point.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. No surprise here.
    Most US networks already have stack of own stable of “celebrity err self promoting chefs with restaurants and they have loads of Ramsay wannabes.

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