NBC casts Parenthood pilot

pkrauseDirty Sexy Money‘s Peter Krause and ER‘s Maura Tierney are expected to appear in NBC’s TV adaptation of Ron Howard’s Parenthood.

Once Tierney completes negotiations the two will play small screen versions of the characters portrayed by Steve Martin and Dianne Wiest.

Craig T. Nelson is also set to co-star in the pilot.

Parenthood, from Friday Night Lights creator Jason Katims, revolves around adult siblings, the Bravermans.

Krause will play Adam Braverman, a married man with two children who is a lunatic beneath the surface. Tierney will play his sister, Sarah Braverman, a single mother. Nelson will play their father, a Vietnam vet-turned-actor/hippie.

Ron Howard is one of three executive producers.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


  1. It was a good film. Ron Howard makes a lot of sentimental crap, this was entimental but very amusing. Lacking Stvev Martin will give the serious a different tone. Should be good as was Arrested Development.

  2. I love both Maura Tierney (great in ER and Liar Liar) and Peter Krause (In everything he has ever appeared in) so I’ll definitely keep an eye out for this one!

  3. ETA scratch that tv pilot it was picked up in 1990 but had a really short season in the US. Timing is everything I guess and maybe now suits the economic climate a bit better

  4. $100M in 1989 cinema release. No figures on DVD. Pretty darn respectable … what’s interesting about this as I understand the pilot script has been floating around since the early nineties but never really got picked up.

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