NBC renews Friday Night Lights

friday1NBC has ordered two more seasons of Friday Night Lights, the critically acclaimed, if struggling, drama set before a Texan high school football team.

The approval is for two seasons of 13 episodes each to premiere on cable network DirecTV with a second screening on NBC. The deal follows a ‘roadblock’ in negotiations between the two media companies.

To keep costs even down, the two upcoming seasons will be filmed back-to-back.

Creator/executive producer Jason Katims is now overseeing the pilot of Parenthood, both series being produced by the same studio, UMS.

Of course FNL is much more than a show about football, with deeper themes for its youthful characters.

Friday Night Lights currently in Australia on FOX8, after it began on the now defunct TEN HD.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. Echo everyone’s sentiments here this is a good show with some great moments. You can currently get S1 on Itunes Australia so I assume a DVD release isn’t far away.

  2. I’ve on seen 2 eps of this show (someone in season 1) and really like it, and anyone who haven seen it yet should start watching(like me), its not all about NFL. just wish FOX8 would repeat it on the weekend because i dont get to watch it on firdays.

    Also dont know when FOX8 will show it but i hope its just shown after they get it in the US.

  3. Wow, I never thought this show was a chance of getting another season. Now, another two. Great we’ll able to see these characters to contiune tod evelop.

    I agree with Jason about this show, season 1 was perfect as far as a television season can go. The show’s characters had amazing depth and it felt real. Season 2 they tried to add some shock value and it got a little bit away from what the show was.

    The third season tried to go back to where it was in Season 3, while with some great eps, you could tell the show was lacking a little something due to a lack of budget and a few lazy storylines. I wonder if we’ll ever get back to season 1 magic, i doubt it.

    I’m really happy with this news.

  4. Re Jason’s comment. I loved the first season of Prison Break but was bitterly disappointed that no one had thought post that and every season post S1 ruined to good efforts of all invovled.

    FNL is completely and utterly superior, sure their second season was pitchy and the second half spannered by the writer’s strike but I would never compare their worst episode to Prison Break’s worst episodes.

    I think the end of Season 3 left the set up for a completely great S4 refresh, and it’s great to see, that because of various casting issues, most of the Senior class won’t hang around Dillon like the 90210-ers.

    I also think this show’s actors are so underrated. Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton’s work as Coach Taylor and Mrs Coach, is sublime! And I think the show has completey reasonance for the footballing community of Australia both NRL and AFL – pressure of success, the focus on winning and creating false idols only to desert them when they fail. It’s all there plus hot ladies for the fellas and vice a versa!

  5. jaxmachine1007

    I been watching this since it began airing on Fox8.
    Excellent football drama and it one of the best show i seen on tv lately

    Go Panthers!!!!

  6. @PT Ryan, I really don’t enjoy watching sport on tv at all but I love this show! It’s a guilty pleasure of mine at the moment, check it out if you can 🙂

  7. I’m a big fan of this show, but I’m not sure this is the best idea.

    Some history: Season 1 was excellent but didn’t get big ratings, so for Season 2 they tried to sneak a bit more drama and sensation in there which lessened the show a bit IMHO. It was also affected by the writers strike shortening the story arc, which funnily enough probably helped the show survive despite the average ratings, since there weren’t any better ideas out there.

    And Season 3 was an attempt to recapture the magic of Season 1 by going back to some tried and tested stuff. Worked well in my eyes, if a bit predictable. It looked like they knew it would be their last season, so they wrote accordingly. They didn’t kill off anyone, so they can always bring the characters back into line, but it may not seem right. But anyway, the writers will have to pull something out of the hat a la Prisonbreak style. Geez they’ve escaped, what happens now??

    I’ll be watching though cause the show has excellent characters and I’m sure it’ll be interesting whatever they come up with. Unlike Prisonbreak, where I was more interested in what they were doing rather than who was doing it.

  8. i’m not into sport either but i did watch this on 10HD and it is quite good, you should watch it. although i don’t know if i like it enough to buy the dvds which is what those without foxtel need to do now (if you can’t expend the downloads). maybe i can convince my video store to get it but it’s not likely because it’s not really well known enough. i stored the whole first season on dvd, but i guess i should just erase it because it will be years before 10 shows it on maybe the 3rd channel, if ever.

  9. I keep hearing great things about this show, though I’m not into sport at all. Given that it’s set to be around for a while, I might start checking it out!

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