Network deal in doubt for ARIAs

arias-rpThe ARIAs may move from TEN to pay television this year, as networks tighten the purse strings.

The Daily Telegraph reports that TEN has let its ARIA contract lapse.

“It’s so up in the air at this stage that we’re jokingly thinking about putting a reserve booking on the Cowra Community Hall,” a senior source associated with the ARIAs told the newspaper.

A TEN spokeswoman confirmed that no deal for 2009 has been signed.

The event has been produced by Roving Enterprises since 2002, and most consider very successfully.

That said, XYZ Networks did a stellar job of Sound Relief on Channel [V] and MAX last weekend. While MTV is about to have its big night, could our other musical channels get a flagship awards night?

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. The ARIA Awards are pure free advertising for the major labels (and, these days, the indies too).

    ARIA would be certifiably insane to let the awards go to pay TV, where they instantly shut out 75% of their potential record-buying audience.

    I am tiring of the presumption that seems to be commonplace these days that everyone has pay TV. In reality, most people don’t.

  2. Since ARIA & MTV Australia have a deal going at the moment it wouldn’t be such a shock. Ch10 dont wanna remove all thier reality crap but they are willing to get rid of the Australian music’s night of nights!.. What Idiots if they are willing to ditch this!.

  3. It will be a shame if we are forced to watch the ARIA Awards on pay TV. If CBS is willing to pay big bucks for the rights to the Grammys (which is 10 times bigger than the ARIAs), then Ten should be able to afford to keep the ARIAs. Plus the ARIAs rate decently on Sunday nights.

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