Nine renovates post Easter schedule

Nine spruces up its programming post-Easter with homeMADE, Eleventh Hour, Sea Patrol and Missing Pieces.

brushes_in_paintChannel Nine will premiere its new renovation series homeMADE after the Easter non-ratings break.

Previously titled Home Run, the series is developed by The Chopping Block‘s Julian Cress and David Barbour. Both also created The Block. Interior designers will battle it out as they make over everyday Australian family homes. The homes will be the stage where “the designers will wage war on each other until only one remains and takes out the ultimate prize.”

The series, hosted by Sydney interior designer David Heimann, is expected to be stripped across the 7pm timeslot. Nine promises: “Lucky families. Skilled designers. Over $1 million dollars of renovations. It’s the biggest renovation competition ever. Get ready for absolutely stunning home makeovers spiced with the drama of elimination in a massive new series.”

homeMADE is one of several new series Nine will launch after Easter.

It will be joined by the Jerry Bruckheimer mystery series Eleventh Hour. It stars Rufus Sewell as a biophysicist and Special Science Advisor to the FBI who is brought in to investigate crimes of a scientific or paranormal nature.

Sea Patrol is back with a cliffhanger, in which someone will die. Joining the series, subtitled “Red Gold,” are Jessica Napier, Blair McDonough and Tasma Walton.

Nine also has more ‘blue sky’ television coming.

You Saved My Life will bring look at stories of survival and reunite heroic Australians and the survivors they rescued.

Missing Pieces locates lost friends and relatives, hosted by Peter Overton.

Continuing series will include Underbelly, Domestic Blitz, The Mentalist, Crime Investigation Australia, CSI, 20 to 1, Two and A Half Men and the State of Origin series.

Due later in 2009 are Australia’s Perfect Couple, Random Acts of Kindness, Trouble in Paradise and “high-octane drama” Rescue (previously titled Rescue Squad). There is also more Ladette to Lady, Secret Millionaire, The Farmer Wants a Wife, What’s Good For You, RPA and Celebrity Singing Bee.

Also on the “to do” list are more Flashpoint, Little Britain, Without a Trace and comedy procedural The Unusuals which stars Amber Tamblyn as a cop with a twisted sense of humour.

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  1. All you people saying Sea Patrol sucks are actually displaying your ignorance. Season 1 of Sea Patrol did suck majorly, but season two was actually a huge improvement IMO and Its a shame that the show still has the perception that its a bad show because of people basing their analysis of it on season one. I hope finally with this season that perception will be lost.

    If you analyse the ratings, my theory is also backed up:
    Season one started with 1.9 then sank to 1.2.
    Season 2 started with 1.2 and then climbed to 1.5 for the rest of the season.

    Why would it regain those viewers who abandoned it in season one if there wasn’t any improvement?

  2. my prediction timetable
    Sun: DB, 60, CSI, CSI:maimi, UB (R)
    Mon: 2.5men, customs, UB, CIA, Footy classified
    Tues: wipeout, sea patrol, some crime show (NY, flashpoint, or WAT) , bridezillas
    Wed: u saved my life, missing pieces, mentalist, 11th hour, cold case
    Thurs: getaway, 20to1, footy show

    i know tuesday is a bit of a mess but it’s just what fits in

  3. So will the networks be taking a break over the non-ratings period. If i remember correctly, ch9 went straight through without a break, but seven went on holiday! Is that right?

  4. TVByTheNumbers is saying 11th Hour is likely to be axed in the US due to it having bad retention after CSI…guess this explains why Nine held out on it for so long

    As for the rest of the stuff, bleh. Sea Patrol’s premise alone is enough to drive me off, and the rest sounds like more bland procedurals and factual/reality crap. Its also kinda bizarre that they’re going ahead with Secret Millionare again, maybe it’ll get a 10.30 slot somewhere

  5. Enough with the renovations, the gardening, the cooking and the reunions. If I want to learn something I’ll take a class. I want to be entertained by drama, comedy and occasional silliness.

  6. so without a trace, gossip girl and survivor are not even being considered for a spot yet. also no mention of CSI:miami, maybe thats where 11th hour will go.

    david do you think that “post easter schedule” means the week after easter or just sometime after easter because lots of people were saying that sea patrol was taking underbelly’s spot which won’t be for a while.

    anyway apart from SP nothing there i will watch and i’m not watching anything on 9 atm so not much at all.

  7. If history is any guide I’d say Eleventh Hour will be gone inside a month…

    IMO the “to do” list with Flashpoint, Little Britain, Without a Trace and The Unusuals will be used as summer fillers in Nov/Dec

    BTW where is Primeval S2 ?

  8. HomeMade will get a look in as my Mother-In-Law is will be on it as one of the suppliers! 11th Hour sounds OK. Otherwise not much there for me either. No comment as usual about ER or Survivor.

  9. hmm, that’s interesting. I assumed Nana Patrol would get the Underbelly slot when that was over. Looks like it will be getting a new slot, but which night…?

  10. Big Bang Theory is turning into one of the comedy finds of the last few years. And Nine’s giving it away to the ISPs 🙂

    As for Eleventh Hour… well: “It stars Rufus Sewell as a biophysicist and Special Science Advisor to the FBI who is brought in to investigate crimes of a scientific or paranormal nature.”

    Fringe, in other words. I bet Nine gives it three or four weeks at best.

    Speaking of Fringe, it’s not on the Nine list, so I presume it’ll get sold to Foxtel despite it being of high quality. It’s on my list, though. In HD and everything.

    But then… “homeMADE “? Ah yes, I forgot. Quality is not on Nine’s agenda anymore,

    If they can’t put a show on and let it find an audience – but instead just scrabble around between fictional “ratings periods” to find new stuff that they won’t put faith in (The Unusuals doesn’t stand a chance with Nine’s bogan OzTam demographic!) – then I guess we once again get to sit back and watch the fail happen…

  11. whats with all these name changes
    australia’s perfect couple… is that by any chance for richer for poorer which was originally here come the newlyweds.
    what was wrong with home run. homeMADE makes it sound like a granny daytime lifestyle show and i’m sure 9 want it to come off as reality show with boobs in it.
    and “you saved my life” sounds a lot like everyday heroes.

    anyway i noticed that there is no wipeout returning. is it only a short season or do they plan to cut it. also no mention of cold case. will it be bumped back to 10:30??

    and CIA is returning. we all thought that the underbelly lead in would go to good use after easter but it looks like it was not to be.

    nothing for me up there. the mentalist is the only show i would watch but i’ve already seen them.

  12. Is it just me, or does this want to make you retch. Apart from The Mentalist, which also needs to do some work to improve, this whole article induced one great yawn.

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