Penny leaves TEN’s Dance

pennyPenny Higgs has been forced to quit So You Think You Can Dance Australia after cracking a rib while rehearsing the foxtrot routine she performed with Ben Veitch on last Sunday’s show.

The 25yo from Melbourne said the risk of puncturing a lung if she continued in the competition was too big a gamble, leaving her with little option but to quit.

“I am just devastated,” she told

“I have just been waking up crying, I can’t sleep because I just want to dance. I am at my worst right now and it’s all playing out on a TV show. Dancing is my life and I gave 110 per cent to this competition. It’s really, really tough.

“I guess I have to look at it that I have made it to the top eight.”

Last year during one of the performance shows another dancer also suffered a dangerous injury. Nine’s Dancing on Ice reality series was rife with casualties. Big Brother has also had its fair share of housemastes whisked off to hospital, including Rima who broke a leg last year.

As previously noted, contestants leaving reality shows is not unknown in the genre, but it is rare. Singer Chantelle Barry was forced out of Popstars following an unexplained controversy, allegedly involving theft. In 2003 Cosima de Vito fell on her sword in Australian Idol citing throat nodules.

Higgs replacement won’t be formally announced until a farewell montage is played out on the program tomorrow evening. The Sunday performance show was recorded last night in Sydney.

Higgs said she would be back for show’s finale next month.



  1. I would assume they would bring Gianne back based on last season of the american version when Jessica injured herself, so they bought Comfort back since she was the previously eliminated female contestant.

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