Perils of Pauline’s politics

hansonIt was Hanson exclusives at 20 paces on the 6:30 shows tonight.

While A Current Affair had an exclusive with Pauline Hanson, Today Tonight had an exclusive with the man who says he took the photographs.

At the centre of the story are photographs published by the Sunday Telegraph which allegedly depict a younger Hanson in semi-naked poses.

Hanson has categorically denied she is the woman in the said photos.

Tonight on ACA she said, “Definitely not. No question about it whatsoever. That is not me.”

Hanson would only accept there was a resemblance in the photos.

“I will accept that. But it’s not me,” she said.

Hanson maintains her hair was longer at the time and has never met the man who took the photos. She also pointed to errors in the story about how the photos came about.

hanson2On Today Tonight the man who says he took the photographs was interviewed with his identity pixellated. Battling bone cancer, he says he sold the photos to pay his bills. He admitted a lot of the details were hard to recall.

“I’ve been through that much with the chemotherapy and the painkillers for this… I don’t know a lot of stuff from back in those days,” he said.

“But I didn’t lie. I told it straight up. Now all me mates bloody hate me,” he added breaking down.

The Sunday Telegraph editor, also on TT, said the pictures had not been doctored.

“We have absolutely no doubt that those photos are of Pauline Hanson,” he said.

“Any reasonable person who would look at those photos would be in no doubt that that person in that picture is Pauline Hanson.”

An angry Hanson says she was happily married to her husband at the time.

Hanson is standing in the Queensland state election this Saturday and says she has commenced legal proceedings against media outlets who published the photgraphs.

Tomorrow’s ratings will indicate which explanation viewers were more interested in hearing…

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