Returning: Shameless

Paul Abbott's dysfunctional family is back for its sixth series on SBS later this month.

shameless6The sixth series of bittersweet drama Shameless will air on SBS at the end of the month.

Paul Abbott’s dysfunctional family at Chatsworth Estate is back on March 30 at 10.00pm.

In the first episode, Ian is assaulted, and left shaken and confused about his attacker’s motive. When the stranger strikes again, Ian is left hospitalised – and there’s more bad news when he regains consciousness: he’s got amnesia. Suddenly he’s an alien amongst his own family and friends, and even his own sexuality is a mystery. His amnesia has him questioning if Chatsworth is the place for him after all.

The sixth series aired in the UK in January. A seventh series of 8 episodes has been confirmed for 2010.

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  1. I seem to recall reading somewhere that they have cut season 7 back to eight episodes due ITV cutbacks, but hope they will get longer seasons again in the future. If I recall correctly, it was only for series 5 that they made a large investment in the sets and production side of the series, so let’s hope it sticks around for another few seasons yet!

    I only picked up and watched previous seasons late last year, and it still seems to retain a lot of the quality and original intent, which is good.

  2. “….but all of them to a man… who knows first and formost the most vital necessity in this life is they know how to throw a party! Heh heh… Scatter!”

    welcome back frank and co…..

  3. Shameless is a great show and I’m pleased SBS are showing the new series earlier than usual.

    I think it only started about a month ago in the U.K. so look forward to it.

    Sad to hear that the season after this one is only 8 eps long, but you take what you get I guess.

    Hopefully the 3rd series of Skins comes out soon too.

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