Returning: The Merrick and Rosso Show

rossobelly-2aRadio duo Merrick and Rosso return to the Comedy Channel next month for their second season of The Merrick and Rosso Show.

The new series, produced by Merrick and Rosso’s own production company Smoke and Mirrors, will include moments such as ‘Rossobelly’, a parody which by the look of this photo needs no explanation.

No word on how dodgy the NZ accents are.

Alex Ristevski, General Manager of the Comedy Channel, said: “After series one delivered the highest ratings of any program in the history of the Comedy Channel, it wasn’t a case of ‘will we’ but rather ‘how soon can we’ begin Series Two.

Merrick said: “The first series was awesome fun so we can’t wait to do another season. Also I stacked into Brian Walsh’s car in the Foxtel car park so I have to work off the debt.”

Last week there were reportedly some ruffled feathers after Kate Ritchie let fly on Nova with criticism following an incomplete installation of the Foxtel IQ.

Looks like not everyone at the Comedy Channel was laughing over that one. But it sounds like they’ve all moved on.

The fun resumes on The Comedy Channel on April 2 at 8:30pm.


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