Rowe remembers ‘bullying’ days

jrowe1News presenter Jessica Rowe spoke at an anti-bullying conference in Sydney yesterday, recalling harsh and constant criticism she received during a “tumultuous” period when she moved from TEN to Nine (pictured).

Rowe said she would “collapse in a weeping heap” when she got home from work, reports the Daily Telegraph.

“The criticism, jibes and remarks continued in certain sections of the media for days, then weeks and then months on end,” she said. “I remember thinking, it can’t get much worse . . . and the following week it would.”

Rowe said she opened one “hideous piece of correspondence” and found critical newspaper clippings.

“I recall being shocked that someone who didn’t know me could be so mean-spirited and cruel,” she said. “I remember seeing the front cover of one of the television guides voting me the most annoying person on TV.

“It felt like the final straw and it made me wonder, ‘What had I ever done?’.”

Amid the constant spotlight, Rowe was always professional on air, fronting every day for work and pushing ahead with sheer determination. After her period at Nine she was later picked up by Seven.

Rowe broke down as she told of finding out she was pregnant “thanks to the miracle of IVF”.

She is expecting her second child in five weeks.

Source: Daily Telegraph


  1. @mikey, my understanding is that she is “associated” with 7 but is not signed with them at the moment. she filled in for mel on sunrise during her leave for about a month, i have seen her on the 4:30 news, and she was on sunday night talking about her IVF.

    i think she still has a lot of fans and i really hope she gets a new regular job. there was an idea being splashed around that 7 should do a 10:30 news bulletin on their 2nd SD. i think she would be great for that.

  2. ‘What had I ever done?’ During this whole TEN to Nine saga, this was exactly what I was wondering. She’s annoying because she laughs a lot? Sadly, people always want something to complain about, whether warranted or not.

  3. I don’t know anything about Jessica Rowe or her particular issues, but if you’re a public figure you have to be prepared to take criticism. Calling it “bullying” is just ridiculous.

  4. I think Jessica is fantastic. Have always loved her work and I think its great to have somebody who is as sincere and bubbly as she is (particularly whilst all this was going on!) Rest assured Jessica that you have many fans out there.

  5. I like Jessica Rowe, TEN treated her well during her time there. Nine let a talent go wasted, glad she is still on air in some shape and form, although its not nearly reguarly enough. She has a very bright and bubbly personality, I quite like her. I miss her on TEN news though.

  6. I’ve always had a thing for Jessica. I was disappointed when she moved from Ten to Nine, I used to like her news bulletins…
    Watching, hearing and reading the jibes in the media over weeks and months was pretty sad to see… In fact, she was the only reason I was watching Today at the time…
    Is she on 7 now? She popped up there doing something not so long ago, but haven’t seen her since.

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