Scorched wins Digital Emmy

Nine's disaster telemovie of 2008 seems to be getting some belated recognition this week.

scorched-carpani1It lost out athe AIMIA Awards but the Nine’s telemovie Scorched has won the 2009 International Digital Emmy for best fiction program.

The announcement was made at a gala ceremony on Monday night in Cannes.

Nine’s disaster telemovie was launched with a huge online campaign with an extensive story with a fictional blogger, Cassie, and 20 webisodes, each two to three minutes long, that serve as a prequel and sequel to the futuristic story. Rachael Carpani and Nine’s Mark Ferguson played reporter and news presenter for a fictional news network CPN in the year 2012.

The movie was set five years in the future when Sydney is in the grip of drought and ravaged by fires, and featured Vince Colosimo, Georgie Parker, Les Hill, Libby Tanner and Cameron Daddo.

Yesterday Scorched also picked up a Logie nomination in the Most Outstanding Drama category. At the time it aired the telemovie attracted an audience of 1.12m losing against Dancing with the Stars and Australian Idol.

It highlighted the challenges of telemovies getting a return audience on one single viewing (Emerald Falls and The Informant would probably concur) given the high production cost of a single drama.

At least Scorched is enjoying some belated recognition.

Source: Hollywood Reporter

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  1. It was pretty awful… no, actually, it was extremely awful. But perhaps it got nominated for a Logie because it’s a Nine production. The same Nine that owns… TV Week.

  2. Benno, it’s currently available on DVD. Target are having a special on it beginning Thursday for around $12 if you really want to check it out.

  3. It’s a shame i never got to see this – i recorded it and the end cut off, so i didn’t bother (from nine’s own incompetence). Is there another way i can get my hands on it?

  4. well congrats to them.

    it wasn’t my cup of tea, i found it cheesy and farfetched, and i just cannot stomach shows that refuse to use steadicam, i actually get seasick.

    but it’s an aussie show getting recognised none the less.

  5. it was so tackyyy.

    i am amused as to why it was nominated for a logie, let alone an outstanding drama one. surely well made, written, and acted dramas like sea patrol, city homicide, or east of everything deserved that spot more.

  6. i really enjoyed it, and it was also good to see an australian show where the acting didn’t seam fake and the characters didn’t constantly swear and act like bogans like many but not all Australian produced shows of late.

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