Scrubs set for prime time

It isn't often a network decides to try its luck moving a late night show to a premium 8pm slot.

zachbraffSeven will attempt Scrubs in a premium timeslot, moving wards to 8pm Mondays from next week.

It will follow a new episode of How I Met Your Mother at 7:30pm.

Last week Mother managed 938,000 across its hour, beaten by Customs‘ 1.37m and So You Think You Can Dance Australia‘s 993,000 viewers. That didn’t help Desperate Housewives‘ lead in, especially when it is being whipped by Underbelly.

Shifting the comedy, which had been playing late on Thursdays (now in repeat), is a bold move by Seven.

If it works could it pave the way for a re-think on 30 Rock -surely a show enjoying its glory days more than Scrubs which last year moved from NBC to ABC.

Similarly, TEN’s late night visits to The Office remain another show that fans want to see moved to a better home.

Good to see Seven shaking things up a bit.

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  1. This might be a too little too late. I mean how many fans have given up on this show after it languished in late night slot for years. But still I really do hope this works out to show the networks that constantly bumping a show later and later might not be the only way.

  2. If they did move 30 Rock to Primetime I would love to see them restart the season so I could see all of the stars which were featured this season. It’s on too late so I never watch it, but I really want to.

  3. Never much cared for Scrubs, and have a feeling this won’t do much better than HIMYM. But still a welcome fresh move from Seven. I just wished they did this with 30 Rock instead!

  4. Are these new episodes or not? Seven only got a little way into the 8th season before going back to repeats. I’m pretty sure this season will be the final one, so it would be good to see it in primetime.

    30 Rock and the Office both desperately need better treatment. Last night 30 rock started 15 minutes early, the Office is being shown so late now it’s just insane.

  5. While we’re at it, how about Ten screening Flight of the Conchords at a decent time (in fact, at any time?). As much as I love 30 Rock and The Office, this season on Conchords is even funnier and deserves to be seen at a decent hour.

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