Seven acquires Russell Brand’s Ponderland

russell-brandSeven has picked up the rights to UK comedian Russell Brand’s series, Ponderland.

The show consists largely of Brand giving a series of monologues in a stand-up style, interspersed with old television and video footage. The Channel 4 series attracted mixed reviews in the UK but scored a BAFTA nomination and a second series.

Each episode tackles a different topic – from love, family and pets, to holidays, crime and sport.

Last year during The Russell Brand Show a series of obscene voice messages were left for 78-year-old actor Andrew Sachs by Russell Brand and Jonathan Ross. The two presenters were criticised by a number of MPs, including PM Gordon Brown. Following the complaints, Brand and Ross were suspended from their positions at the BBC whilst both the BBC and Ofcom launched investigations. Brand resigned from the BBC.

Brand brings his sell-out UK stand-up tour, “Scandalous”, to Sydney and Melbourne next week.

No airdate has yet been announced for Ponderland.


  1. Omg I loved the series Russell Brand’s Ponderland and wish that Channel Seven would put more episodes on, It is really funny and i really enjoy it,.

  2. To Mikey and Crystal: I put it to you that the only viewers who would find jokes about beastiality offensive are the victims of such crimes (i.e. the animals); and people who have engaged in, or considered engaging in, such deplorable behaviour themselves. Therefore, I would suggest you not allow your pets to watch this program.

  3. KhealuvsRussell

    Russell Brand is original and the funniest comedian i have ever seen, The first time i watched ponderland was his pets episode and i have never laughed so hard in my life and made sure i showed everyone. The scenes are so disgusting but thats what makes them funny and he doesn’t agree with them he pays them out, those who are against russell why are you wasteing your time on here just turn the channel over.

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