Seven finds role for Durie

duriesnLooks like Seven has found a new role for Jamie Durie, with an appearance fronting a conservation story on Sunday Night this weekend.

Durie’s Outdoor Room has not been renewed by the network amid speculation over the costs involved with the show.

This Sunday he presents a story in which he travelled to Lake Eyre, including a sail on Australia’s ‘inland sea.’

“We had a chopper out here filming with some pretty high tech equipment to give viewers a birds-eye view of exactly just how big and beautiful Lake Eyre really is and it’s quite a phenomenon,” he told the Roxby Downs Sun.

“It’s Australia’s inland sea and I think it’s a story that really deserves to be told.

“It’s not every day you get to see sailors sailing through the desert, and Coolahabah trees – it’s pretty incredible, it will certainly be an experience I’ll never forget.”

Durie said Australian Wildlife Conservancy are the biggest non-government conservation land holders in the country. The story will include a look at reducing extinction rates and giving a back stage view into the work involved in tracking animals.

“I think you can’t do one side of the lake and not talk about the importance of the environment and the wildlife that surrounds it, so it was a good opportunity for us to get a backstage view into some of the great work these boys are doing – that the team are doing.”

Sunday Night airs 6:30pm Sunday on Seven.

Source: Roxby Downs Sun


  1. Tut tut Seven.You lured Durie with huge pay packet to do what ?
    Present puff piece every six months – c’mon you are better than this aren’t you ?

  2. I’m forgotten about you Jamie… but I’m glad your back… I didn’t watch Outdoor Room, and I’m not going to watch Sunday Night…. Mainly because the parts I have watched so far have not impressed me, and some in fact have bored me… and Jamie on Lake Eyre… that’s like me filming a show about my holiday to Bairnsdale….

  3. 60 minutes has already done a few of these sorts of stories. Are they really thinking the use of Jamie will lure viewers? Sounds to me a bit like Eddie doing a story on 60 minutes recently.

  4. so whats the deal with jamie, seeings that they signed a big contract with 7 after the demise of TOR surely they have a big new show planned for him?

  5. off topic a bit but after reading the title of the article it might be worthy mentioning that there is a new lifestyle program in talks to be hosted by jamie durie and tara dennis (from the plush furniture ad).

    and even if that doesn’t go through, expect a new jamie durie show in the back end of the year. 7 are paying him heaps and i guess will keep trying shows for him until they get it right.

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