Tell ’em they’re dreamin’

Tuesday was a bit of slump for Nine, so it's scheduled perennial favourite The Castle to help out.

castle02Nine didn’t do so well on Tuesday night, coming third behind TEN for the night.

So is that why it has scheduled The Castle to air at 9:30pm on Tuesday March 31st? It’s even feelgood family fare on a night without Packed to the Rafters -right down to including Michael Caton.

The network was yet todeclare what would replace Aussie Ladette to Lady which ends next week.

In slating the movie it does mean Bridezillas is out for the week (at only its third episode) with a night-time edition of The Ellen DeGeneres Show beginning at 11:15pm.

The reality show had been scheduled to run, which indicates the movie was a change.

Bridezillas managed 378,000, behind TEN Late News on 533,000 and Eli Stone‘s 508,000.

It was also down 100,000 on Secret Diary of a Call Girl the week before.

Might get shafted to the billiard room.

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  1. Nine – please decide on a direction and stick to it.
    Either go with the trashy crap like “wipeout/bridezillas/ladette/ramsays or go for family fare but please choose one.
    Swapping back and forth and mixing and mismatching makes you look second rate – hang on make that 3rd rate !

  2. oh it’s not that bad of an idea, if i were in charge i would put it at 8:30 and get rid of 2.5men. that week there will be about 1.9mil people wondering what to watch i’m sure a lot will flock to 9. it should rate quite well. 9 has a chance at winning that week.

  3. i’m sure this is going to solve all their problems, they can play it every week can’t they?…..:-p

    there is plenty of free programming advice in david’s post about their easter schedule, why don’t they take the hint and listen to it.

  4. You have to be kidding, yes the castle is a great australian film, but nine has shown this film too many times, it’s not funny. Don’t they have other programs they could show at this time? Do they really think that this will get better ratings than any other programs they could put up at this time of night? I don’t think so….. Lazy Programming at it’s worst.

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