TEN hitches RPM content to motor events

rpmIn response to some questions over the return of the RPM sports programme on Network TEN, TV Tonight can confirm it has discontinued in its long-running format.

A TEN spokesperson advised the Logie nominated programme has been “re-purposed” from a stand-alone programme to attach to specific motor events.

This means that while the show itself will not proceed forward, TEN will still feature results, info, interviews and special features as an adjunct to motorsports.

“Each and every Formula 1 round will be live on ONE and will also include a 60-minute preview program leading in to each race,” he said.

“The preview show will include qualifying highlights as well as crosses to each circuit with our correspondent Peter Windsor.

“Our extensive coverage of our other motorsport franchises including MotoGP, Nascar, ARC and the Rolex Grand Am Series will also be expanded on ONE.”

RPM ran from 1997-2008 on TEN.

ONE launches in both HD and SD on Network TEN this Thursday.


  1. So everyone in F1, including Brundle, Coulthard, Rusty and co at Chanel 10 thinks the new format is exiting! Well if they had to endure the ad breaks like us mortals here in Australia they wouldn’t think it so exciting. Two minutes in every ten are given over to monotonous adverts that destroy any continuity of the sport and after supporting Formula 1 for over fourty years I, like many of my friends have already done, will bid it goodbye. It was bad enough over the past years but to suffer the onslaught of adverts like this year wrecks any pleasure that could be gained by the new rules.

  2. RPM was a show that not only gave some inside info on drivers, teams and so forth, yet was a great motivational tool for me being that I want to race and the program gave me a kick up the butt.

    And who cares about football! Bring back RPM Channel 10.

  3. When will this much touted sports channel and TEN ONE start in the Southern Cross ( Coffs Harbour north coast area ?)
    I have the required booster & set-top box but once again early this morning we were unable to watch the first Moto GP 500 race, that had been changed from the previous day.

  4. Ah, thanks David, that answers it, i had another look at the list and its only Australian Formula 1 races that are on the list.

    God i have living in a “regional” city (canberra)…bring on mid-year!

  5. Perhaps David or somebody else can clarify – they say every formula 1 round will be shown live on One. Formula 1 is on the anti-siphoning list, therefore the actual race must be shown first on the main channel (excl HD channel). Does that:

    (a) mean that all formula 1 races will be shown live on the main channel too;
    (b) they will only show it on OneHD (as they did with TenHD last year); or
    (c) some other permutation i haven’t though of.

    Reason why i’m so surprised as Ten never seem to want to interrupt their normal Sunday night programming with F1, which usually starts at 10pm EST.

    • As we’re in a period of change and uncertainty I really can’t confirm too much of what the future holds. Even TEN’s own site has had to amend content in the last 24 hours. At a guess I would presume Aus F1 rounds are on the anti-siphoning list so shown on TEN and ONE. International F1 is probably a different case and therefore could be played live on ONE at whatever hour of the day or night it occurs.

  6. Shane, the V8’s on Saturday night will only be on ONE.
    It is good that its like this because it provides an incentive for people to get digital tv.

  7. channel 10 is only having this weekends Aust F1 GP telecast from 12 noon until 6.00pm on sat and 12 noon until 7.00pm on sunday so unless you can get ONE you will not see any action on friday and no V8 race on sat. Good old southern crap 10 and channel bloody 10 for not treating a major sporting event with the telecast for everyone that cant get to the track to see it, but I’m not surorised as they have shown nothing but contempt for the viewers again………

  8. no Tom, u are wrong, yes the v8s are on 7, but to this weekend they are no because 7 and 10 carnt broadcast from the same place, dont know why,

    on the ONE HD pdf it say V8 Supercar Race – Exclusive To One from 6:05-7:30pm

    here is the link http://tvtonight.com.au/2009/03/your-guide-to-one.html its the link on the last line,

    i checked yourtv.com and there tv guide say F1 on one from 11am-6:05 then 6:05-7:30 and on channel 10 its from 12pm to 6pm so i dont think its going to be on channel 10, but program could be wrong

  9. Shane says:
    March 24, 2009 at 1:06 pm

    as far as i know the v8 are only going to be on ONE, please tell me im wrong?


    The V8’s in general are on 7, as for this weekends round at the GP the saturday race falls during the Collingwood-Adelaide game in some states and hence GP coverage will be cut. It may be replayed after the footy but it is hard to tell from the TV guide, anyone know what the story is there?

  10. disapointing news but let’s face it RPM has not been the same since Bill Woods left as host. I would have thought they could have done something with ONE though! Still can’t complain, Live F1 races and Qualy and dont forget the NASCAR!

  11. Ok I’ve come to terms with no more RPM. Not happy but I can get my information elsewhere. It seems crazy to have a dedicated sports channel without an RPM type show. Does this mean Channel 10 doesn’t intend to put much effort into their motor sports coverage? Please Channel 10 don’t screw up the F1. I am an F1 tragic that sits up all night (into morning) to watch every single race so the prospect of real live coverage thrills me.

  12. That’s rubbish, Ten. RPM was a great little program, with heaps of fascinating insider info on the world of cars and bikes. And very topical interviews as well (e.g. Australian MotoGP riders). Now we’ll only get Peter Windsor every two weeks for F1. That’s good, but what about news about MotoGP, WRC, V8 and others?

    Not happy.

  13. No, no, no, no, no!!! See now, they lost the V8’s (to ch7) Superbikes and WRC (to SBS) and now that Toyota are gone from ARC, all the advertising money is going to Ch7 and shows like SpeedWeek (on SBS surprise surprise). It also free’s up TEN for footy???

    Lets hope they come through with F1, we want to see it all if F1 LIVE every round!

  14. correct me if on wrong must wasn’t most of ten extended coverage of the formal one one onehd this year on the main channel in previous years, it might not have been last year but i remember ten showing the Friday races at one point on the main channel.

  15. There’ll be quite a few disappointed fans today with this news… At least they will have actual coverage of events [on ONE], which will somewhat negate the need for what is essentially a highlights show.

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