TEN in hunt for Huntik

loknz8-bigNetwork TEN has picked up the rights to Italian animation Huntik: Secrets & Seekers, an action and adventure following the exploits of Dante Vale and the rest of the Seekers from the Huntik Foundation, who travel the world in search of strange locations, lost treasures … and evil forces.

With the help of an army of powerful Titans, the agents’ mission is to thwart the domination of the Organization and its leader, known only as the Professor.

Various ancient amulets invoke different types of monsters.

The target audience for the show is 12-20 year old males.

Source: C21, Wikipedia, Zap2It


  1. They’d get ten times the amount of 12-20 year olds watching if they got the rights to Golgo 13 instead. This sounds more like a Nickelodeon show to me.

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