TEN launches Masterchef

mchefaTEN held a media launch for Masterchef Australia, its bright new reality hope, in Sydney yesterday.

The 20 contestants who will vie for the inaugural title were introduced along with the show’s host Sarah Wilson. They will share a mansion in Sydney’s east for the duration of the FremantleMedia series.

Programmer David Mott said the network was trying to reach a broad audience.

“What we wanted to achieve is a show for food lovers and non-food lovers like me,” he said.

“This show really does connect with audiences globally.”

The show also features chefs George Calombaris and Gary Mehigan (pictured) and food critic Matt Preston as judges.

More than 7,500 Australians applied to be on the show.

TEN has a lot riding on the show, which is based on a UK format. It will provide a mid-year tentpole to the network’s programming, replacing Big Brother.

It begins late April.

Source: NineMSN


  1. I’ll give it a go, sure they are mixing up the MC UK formula a bit, but at least they have filled it with a bit of eye candy for us. It beats the heck out of watching 6 nights a week of some of those rather ‘plain’ looking contestants from the UK. Who knows…this might be Bondi Rescue in the kitchen- the guy in the hat looks kinda cute

  2. just saw an ad for this, apparently they don’t only cook, they also do stunts, they were flipping around all over the place, probably trying to replicate the so you think you can dance ads.

  3. Pfft. It will last 3 weeks max.
    If Ten hadn’t butchered Big Brother 8, they would have got better ratings for it, and would be looking at a 9th series!
    Simple – Producers wanted to change things for BB08 and try to get it away from the game show – Ten didn’t so they made BB08 crap, said they were committed then went out and axed it.. What kind of network does that and replaces it with a cooking show??
    The whole thing about the gimmicks in BB08 was not the producer’s ideas. Ten got greedy with overpowering them and wanted to throw things in like Pamela Anderson!
    You can see this happening to The Biggest Looser. It has had about 5 contestants get “second chances” they are doing it to all of their shows.

    BB2010 if not on ten then hopefully another network will buy it and show Ten where they went wrong with their number 1 reality show.

  4. Was really looking forward to this as I am a big fan of the series from the UK, but now I’m a little unsure after reading how this one is set up.

    I hope the sharing the mansion for the duration thing doesn’t mean that the show will be padded out with soap opera content as I want to see a cooking show… in this particular case anyway.

  5. I will watch the show but TEN is playing with the format too much that it will probably take away from amateur cooks trying to become a masterchef. By the sounds of things, it is Big Brother in the kitchen.

  6. Why are people judging this show already? Yes its not the same reality as TEN have had in the past but we should at least wait until the show starts! I might give it a go, if TEN are depending on it that much then it must be worth watching.

  7. I think this show will do better than people expect – it certainly is (unusual for ten) trying to reach a broader audience. But it’s certainly not on my must see list.

  8. Here we go, This was the replacement for Big Brother!!.
    Ch10 remember we warned you U this would be a disaster as soon as it was announced last year!

    Now the ABC has get its top shows ready to take Masterchef on!. Watch Ch10 goto 4th on a weekly basis when this starts!

  9. I hardly find amateur chefs learning how to cook and preparing dodgy food appealing. If you’re a chef or a hospitality student, this might be good viewing but I doubt that it’s going to be the next big hit for Ten.

  10. Only 20 contestantants ?
    The Uk version turned over 20 each week, 5 per day with Friday sorting out each day’s winners (4)
    David, any idea how format will be here ?

  11. Seems like Ten is getting ready to butcher the sucessful UK format of Masterchef.
    Why do we need a host? A voiceover will do. Why 3 judges? Why put them all in the one house?
    Let them come in and cook, the good ones stay and the bad ones go. Keep it simple.
    Good choice with Matt Preston though.

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