Ten Years Younger team

soniakruger1Seven has announced its team of experts who will help refresh the lives of four couples in Seven’s new makeover show Ten Years Younger in Ten Days hosted by Sonia Kruger.

Middle-aged couples will get the beauty treatment from several experts after they first have to face up to strangers guessing their age. But the show also has a competition element.

Cathy Savage will take charge of beauty and make up, having worked as make up supervisor on Australian Idol and So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Stylist Ken Thompson is fashion editor of The Australian’s Wish Magazine and has styled Eva Longoria, Natalie Portman and Cate Blanchett. Jane Johnston is also one of the show’s stylists, who has worked on Oscar and Lucinda, Mission Impossible II and Stealth has worked with John Woo, Alex Proyas and Gillian Armstrong. She won an AFI for her costume work on Macbeth.

Hair stylist Julieanne McGuigan runs Sydney salon Sable and shoots for Vogue, In Style and Rush. Troy Thompson is another hair stylist and has his own salon is Rose Bay. He trained with French Hairdresser Thierry Friegner.

Former Queer Eye for the Straight Guy (Australia) stylist Will Fennell is grooming editor for DNA Magazine.

Plastic surgeon Dr Warwick Nettle is “surgeon to the stars.” He is a qualified plastic and reconstructive surgeon specialising in face and neck rejuvenation and Medical Director of Silkwood Medical.

Cosmetic dentist Dr David Carr has been practising in Sydney’s Double Bay for over 25 years. He was one of the pioneers of porcelain laminate veneers in Australia and led the trend to whiter smiles by introducing the ZOOM! process into his practice. A second cosmetic dentist, Dr Fadi Yassmin graduated from Sydney
University in 1993 and established his own practice only five years later in 1998.

Personal trainer Andreas Lundin operates STARK Fitness in Sydney. He is also a model with Chadwicks.

Seven is yet to announce an airdate, but this release puts the show on the agenda.

PLEASE NOTE: There are currently no auditions announced. I will post a story on this if they are announced.


  1. Run down 40somethings no teeth ageing and have no husbands, kids have always come first, both was indigenous strong women but lack of cofidnce in the past ten years have taken its toll. we seem to put eveyone first and we don’t look after ourselves we think we have to live in trakies and tee’s and no brazzies because we hardly go any where it might once in blue moon that we spend time together because we live in different states. Michelle and I care for our elderly parents, we do becuse we love them but it would good for a little our time and something knew for both of us.We are sister inlaws regadless of my brother and michelle seperation, we both lost our specials brothers both to massive heart attacks they were both in the early 40;s. Things have not been so good to us in the past year and a half, I know that you might have be couples but she will always be my back bone as much as I would be hers. So I begg, plead take us into consideration plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzze

    Yours in Unity

    Michelle Nean

    • Once again, the show finished production and this site is not connected to the show. Sadly as people aren’t reading comments already clarifying this matter published here I am forced to close comments for this topic.

  2. I watched the show for the first time last night and my wife and I were in stiches .I didnt realise it was a comedy how about the guy putting the hair on he was scary ,Ive decided I am staying bald.How about the fashion stylist dressing up the lady have you ever seen a worst collection of clothes in your life.
    How much botox has Sonia and that top lip she couldnt even talk.

    Channel 7 please renew it we need a laugh plus I want to look 32 again and start cheating on my wife.

  3. please contact us if you come to perth. im aging fast n hard but so is my man the brickie from hell in the sun all day everyday. Please we need your help LOL.

  4. Is there anyway your show can come to Townsville, North Queensland. My husband and I really need a make over but Rockhampton is too far away.

  5. wow seems to me like there is alot of people in need, hi every one, im 17, my parents arnt from the wealthiest families and havnt been so successull themselves, my mum likes your/this show, she gets really emotional seeing these people transformed, its so hard to compete with everyone else who wants a make over, all those other people in need, but my parents are nice people, they have spent all there money on myself and 3 other siblings, i have to fight with my mum about buying hair dye, to die her hair, or buying herself new clothes, because she hates her body, my dad is trying to diet at the moment, hes getting somewhere at least but hes a very big man, he has no teeth (that i can see only stumps in his gums) they both dream of winning the lottery to perfect life but its al “if only..” like many other people have stated, this show is about what you could have with money… money that people just dont have 🙁 i think that if you wanted an extreme make over with a couple, my parents would be more than greatful for the finished product. i’d love to see there dreams come true.

  6. Diana Scicluna

    Please oh Please. I am now 40 years old old old, my face is beginning to wrinkle, bags are appearing under my eyes, liver spots are already here, I am sooo scared of looking like my nanna, my husband also 40, but looks 60, sex is gone out the window, because I look disgusting, please help us, in desperate need to feeling good again. I will do any thing if you could help me.

  7. On one hand, I think that it is great that your show gives a tiny handful of people the chance to have procedures that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford or be confident enough to front up for. However, it makes me sad to see people, like the woman who is featured in your ad. saying that she just wants to be ‘beautiful’, crying because her mother couldn’t afford proper dental care. I know how she feels and the fact is that lots of us would have ‘work’ done if we had the money to do so. What I am saying is that the down side of your show for me is that it highlights the gap between the haves and the have nots . I chose to watch because I like to know what’s possible but I then get depressed because I’ll never be able to afford it.

  8. Patricia Mapleson

    Hi I watched your show last night and thought it was great what a difference ten days can make in the right hands, when they said about the droupy eye lids I thought where ? for one of mine falls half way over my eye I,m 63 and if you need twin sisters for a make over I,m sure I could talk my sister into sharing this with me Regards Patricia

  9. I would truly love to put my mum forward for a make over. She has spent her entire life worrying about others needs and never her own. She is in need of a refresh and pep up on her look as she has not developed one over the years. She would never be able to financially afford it so i continuously am entering her into comp’s for make over’s. On your first episode you mentioned a comp but i can not find anything on the internet regarding one. I look forward to the day when i can suprise her and give her the one thing she truly wants a fresh new look.
    would love to find out some more info on how to enter.
    kind regards Sonya

  10. joanne mackenzie

    Hi im Taylor I herd about your show and i thought my mum would be the perfect person for your show shes 35 and needs some work she spends all her time taking care of me and my three brothers and dad by the way he could do with some work too so theres two people that would love to part of your show .
    please pick them

  11. I think its wonderful that Australia has such a show like this.

    I am addicted to extreme makeover, I could think of nothing more wonderful than to be given an opportunity like this.

    Good luck I am sure it will be a great success.
    If you need volunteers I would be there in a flash.

    Jan Randall

  12. katrina finnigan

    Its fantastic that you are giving Australian people, in particular middle aged, the opportunity to feel good about themselves. As a 42 year old mother of 9 children working full time i can truelly appreciate the need for a boost.(I know my rollups could do with a lift and fill) Looking forward to checking out your new show. To those that criticize, don’t watch. Thanks Katrina

  13. my husband and myself are 29 with four kids all under 6, the kids have taken the life out of us and we’d love to be on your show… can you help us too. lookin old but so younge

  14. Gayle Stocker

    I love the U.K version of this show, I would love my husband and I to go on it, what a wounder way to turn fifty by having a make over to make you feel younger, I think its great to have the show made here in australia

  15. Wow… does anyone ever have anything nice and encouraging to say anymore? You haven’t even seen the show yet, but I guess it’s just too easy to sit back and be the critic when you don’t go out there and take chances yourself. I have seen the UK version and it was fun and heart warming, I cant wait to see the aussie version!!

  16. How to Look Good Naked didn’t rate spectacularly, and Trinny and Susannah bombed, so I can’t see this working. Although maybe the mere presence of Sonia might help ratings. Who knows.

  17. why do they persist in making shows like this spend the mony on more quality drama or comedy seven not this trashy tv. God please think outside the box for a change. at least David Koch aint hosting, he’s becoming the eddie mcguire of 7!

  18. Why would anyone want to watch this show?? Although I’m sure it will end up pulling figures of 1 mill+, audiences usually flock in droves to this kind of crap