The Hollowmen explains ABC funding

tmpphpsbmzioIt’s lucky we don’t have The Hollowmen making decisions on ABC’s triennial funding. Otherwise they would have no hope.

Play School? Why are we still making Play School after fifty years?” asks Tony, the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary (Rob Sitch)

“It needs to be constantly refreshed,” say Phillip, secretary to the PM’s Dept.

“How? The alphabet hasn’t changed. The round window…? There’s still a bear in there…..”

The clip was made as part of the ABC’s funding showcase to Minister Conroy this week in Canberra. It mocks most of the ABC’s big shows, but then as Tony says, he doesn’t really watch ABC TV anyway.

“Well I get Media Monitors to watch it for me, but I get all the transcripts.”

* clip may include pop up ads.


  1. I saw that on the ABC it’s a perfect letter on political satire, It’s funnier in that narritive fashion.

    May I suggest BBC’s ‘Dead Ringers’ tv series? Jon Culshaw is a terribly hilarous impressionist comedian – has me in stitches on the floor laughing. When plays one of Britian’s top leading PM Tony Blair, but it’s a little dated now.

  2. The actor that plays Philip (in the blue shirt) used to be in Play School ….which is why he shares a moment with the camera after Tony says “So now you’re an expert on Play School are you?”

  3. Give Working Dog their own network. They are the only true innovators on Australian television. Game shows, panel shows, documentaries, comedy, movies.. these guys can do it all (even if Sh!tscared was a rip-off of Super Dave!). Love everything they do.

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