Time to go Big Brother UK?

bbukIt’s already history in Oz, but could the UK version of Big Brother be next to go?

Maybe after 2010, which would allow for two more seasons.

The Sun newspaper reports a programme boss revealed next year’s BB “will be the LAST.”

But in a country fascinated by tabloid journalism, celebrity, pop culture and BB, they also quote Commissioning Editor Angela Jain saying: “We’re contracted to do one more Big Brother after this one.”

So while two more seasons are assured, who’s to say a resurgence for the show might secure its future?

In the UK the show is also programmed differently to Australia, with premium shows including live evictions on Channel 4, and offshoot versions such as Big Mouth on E4. Host Davina McCall will also take over Big Mouth, now slashed from four nights to just one — on Friday nights straight after the eviction.

The next season is due in September.

Source: The Sun


  1. Here we go this is what Davinia McCall said to this rumour that is about 1 month old.

    “Davina McCall has reacted to rumours that Big Brother will end after BB10, claiming that it she thinks it will “run and run”.

    The Daily Star, who originally ran the axe reports, quotes her as saying: “I think it will run and run. The show has a timeless quality. As long as it’s attracting viewers and making money for Channel 4 I don’t see why it should stop.

    “Nothing gets the flak Big Brother does, which is ridiculous when you think it’s a live entertainment show.

    “But people miss the point. It’s a really funny and entertaining TV programme.”

    The tenth series of the show begins later this year.”

  2. Its old hat now! But in the UK there are several shows that are all outdated and old that are in desperate need of the axe but for some sad reason the networks don’t seem to be able to get rid of them.

    For instance in Australia there are many new and interesting drama series like Packed to the rafters and Underbelly yet in the UK we are stuck with trashy soaps like Eastenders that have been clogging up the TV listings for far too long!

  3. i have never watched BB UK but i would like if channel 9 would pick it up for there new ‘entertainment’ channel even if its on late at night, well its better then home shopping on 10 and B&W movies on 7, come one guys who doesn’t want to see girls with big boobs running around a house, or foxtel could just make a fox reality channel then we could see it even early

  4. @vid: Honestly I just find it to be a horrible show that littered channel ten, I remember every year at 7pm there was big brother, then 3-4 nights a week it continued from 730-830, then there was big brother at 1030, basically for the 3 months it was on,channel 10 could easily have changed the name of their channel to Big brother.

    Secondly, it’s boring, i mean i’ve never been a fan of watching a bunch of random people sit in a house for a few months. It may have been interesting to some for the first year or 2, but it becomes too repetitive after that.

    And thirdly the show lacked morals, yes i realise all tv does in some way or another, but big brother, particularly some years, really sank way too low, low enough to get a comment out of the pm, and almost banned.

    Ofcourse, those are my views, i realise some people enjoyed the show because they were fans of the reality genre, every tv show (except lost) has its good and bad points.

  5. paull…..its not the show or concept thats makes the show bad..its the idiots who produce the show that makes it bad.
    the concept of BB is a very good one.

  6. Ok i will admit it I love big brother both the now distinct aus version and the UK one which I watch on you tube now that we don’t have it in aus anymore I would miss the UK one even more at least there is another 2 seasons guaranteed hopefully there will be more

    Bugger only 1 big mouth a week I liked that I wonder why Davina is hosting it now instead of last years host Jack Whitehall oh well I like davina

  7. The last two seasons they produced were mediorce at best. Everything seems to have fallen out after the celebrity racism scandal – who said controvesy doesn’t hurt a show? If they can bring back the style previous producers had with brilliant ideas then maybe they can bring it back to it’s former glory. I doubt they would replace it with scripted drama – probably another reality format at best like they’ve done here.

  8. big brother is one of the worst shows to hit television. In fact, I would prefer to watch an entire days worth of community television (TVS) than 1 hour of big brother. Soooo glad ten finally dropped it.

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