Turner turns up plans for 2 new channels

cnn-logoAt the ASTRA Conference this week Time Warner’s Louise Sams announced hopes to launch at least two new television channels in Australia this year.

TBS currently runs pay channels such as CNN, Cartoon Network, Boomerang and Turner Classic Movies.

Sams says television viewing is on the rise during gloomy economic times, with more people staying home to watch.

TBS was negotiating with Foxtel and Austar to bring the new channels to Australia, but an agreement was get to be reached.

“We are ready to launch additional channels here and we would like it to be this year but we need to have the co-operation of our distributors. I still see a lot of growth potential here.

“Our channels are doing very well and we’ve got some great distribution partners which are all looking for growth.”

Source: smh.com.au


  1. An [adult swim] channel? Cool! Any more news on this? They could show the anime shows people want that used to be on cartoon network’s [as] block and the [adult swim] US stuff (which I personally love) too.

  2. @ ‘ct, Why can’t we get domestic US CNN?
    It is much, much better than CNN International.
    Why are we only allowed to see FOX News Channel in Australia?

    i think its up to CNN and i don’t think CNN would allow it, don’t know why, yeah i agree with u the parts of CNN US, when its shown on CNN International are alot better.
    And as far as your last question, because theres only one FOX News Channel, so but if there was no CNN International i would think CNN US would be shown.
    Also i hope Foxtel picks up FOX News Channel in HD.

  3. Why can’t we get domestic US CNN?

    It is much, much better than CNN International.

    Why are we only allowed to see FOX News Channel in Australia?

  4. Would love a CNN Australia that takes some content from CNN US and International and their own content.
    Adult Swim 24/7 sounds great but Foxtel has moved Adult Swim to comedy from cartoon network so they will have to move some stuff around…

  5. i would also like to see CNN Headline News broadcast on foxtel, i think its on select tv but not sure but is available through hotels via tv oceania here in oz, its also available in hong kong and japan so it is broadcast outside of the us, i would also like to CNN to make a Australian version , they have one for india(CNN-IBN),japan(CNN-J), and i know we have sky news but doesnt india have over 100 news channels.

  6. David @ Green Point, yeah even so i dont watch the channel more movies are always better, wiki says the feed we get is the asia feed “Turner Classic Movies is available as one feed that serves more than 14 territories” meaning that why they play the same movies every 8 hours, i just wish that we could get a live feed of the US channel

  7. @Matt J “How about getting those channels already broadcast, ie CNN in Widescreen please!” you have to remember that America doesnt have widescreen SD tv only HD and CNN international is not broadcast in HD (CNN the US version is but not CNN international) and CNN US is only in the united states and Canada as far as i know, so when CNN international starts to broadcast in HD i would hope foxtel does pick it up, alos FOX NEWS is now in HD so i hope foxtel picks that soon, i think theres like 9hr of HD on it per day.

  8. @Russell Some of the Adult Swim shows have aired on The Comedy Channel (Robot Chicken, Harvey Birdman).Given that Comedy is a Foxtel owned channel I wonder if Foxtel have distribution rights over Adult Swim.

  9. It wont be TNT or TBS
    Those two channels are US only I think – and the rights to most of the shows on those two channels are owned by someone else in Australia (Family Guy, Sex and The CIty, The Closer etc)

    It’s more likely to be Adult Swim (adult cartoons) or TruTV.
    Those 2 networks own all their shows and don’t already have deal to distribte them in Oz

  10. David @ Green Point

    For Movie Buffs, the proper Turner Classic Movies feed that screens in the US would be a must. True classic films from all the major studios, not just Warner and Turner’s MGM library. They also screen different movies every day every weekand every month, as opposed to the insult of 4 flicks repeated every 8 hours on Foxtel’s TCM… with a recycling of the same films every 6 weeks. Check their yankee website for the true picture.

  11. @Daniel, ur right theres not that much, i think they own adult swim as well, wonder what they meAn when they say 2, one HD and one SD or 2 different SD channels, i think TBS or TNT would be ok. i hope thats its one SD and one HD because TNT shows law and order svu (in the US all day) and because TEN HD from next week is gone it would be nice to see law and order SVU in HD. and yeah i know TV1 has law and order but yeah.

    or TruTv could compete aginst CI, but do we really need another channel like CI

  12. What channels would we expect? TBS doesn’t have many. truTV? TNT? Superstation? The childrens channels that they own are already broadcast here: Cartoon Network and Boomerang.

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