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Do you have a Humphrey B Bear suit in your attic? Or a Percy Penguin or Fat Cat costume stuffed under your bed?

tvmascotsThe Australian Museum of Motion Picture Technology in WA is searching for memorabilia of children’s television characters to be shown at an exhibition.

Do you have a Humphrey B Bear suit in your attic? Or a Percy Penguin or Fat Cat costume stuffed under your bed?

TV station mascot costumes and other memorabilia will be shown at an exhibition from September 14 at the Fremantle History Museum.

It will commemorate 50 years of television in WA, focussing on old photos of personalities and presenters, equipment highlighting analogue, digital and high-definition TV and will recreate the years when television was a ‘hands on’ business.

“At some point in time there has to be a record of how things were in TV,” said AMMPT president Daryl Binning.

“We want to record the people who were involved in TV and who were involved in some of the significant events that were televised up to 50 years ago.

“We want to locate stills, films of early footage before video came in, photos and going into the future.

The 100 members of the volunteer group are passionate to preserve local TV heritage and are on the hunt for more members who have been involved in the TV and film industry.

There will also be a live event at the Fremantle Town Hall on November 14.

Phone the AMMPT on 08 9310 3377 or email them on [email protected] for more information.

(and yes that is Simon Reeve in the pic)

Source/ Photo: Perth Now

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  1. They better be sending over Claude the Crow!

    I was hyperventilating from excitement when I saw him at the 50 Years of Television Expo at the Powerhouse Museum a few years back.

  2. Sunny Sandgroper deserves a mention as well, even if he did look more like a caterpillar on steroids than his insect namesake. They produced a ton of plush yellow Sunnys for Telethon each year, so there must be a few still around somewhere.

  3. Ahh…the memories. I remember booking a guy called Todd McKenny to play Percy Penguin in Perth many, many years ago for Seven. It was a regular gig for him. Pretty sure it’s the same one we know today.

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