What’s not so good for Dr. Andrew

New host Dr. Andrew Rochford gets very Louis Theroux -undergoing simulated pain for the sake of a story on Nine's returning factual series.

episode-1_dr-andrew-rochford1Dr Andrew Rochford takes the reins as host of Nine’s What’s Good For You alongside presenters Grant Hackett, Lyndsey Rodrigues, and nutritionist Janella Purcell.

As previously reported, the show is back from April 8th.

Going ‘beyond the call of duty’ to find out if men have a higher pain threshold than women, Dr Rochford is hooked up to a labour simulation machine and, under strict medical supervision, has ever-increasing voltage of electrical impulses pumped into his stomach muscles for as long as he can stand it. How very Louis Theroux of him!

Grant Hackett gives his eyes a work out testing prescription reading glasses against the ready-made type you can buy at a chemist or petrol station. He also finds out whether or not sports drinks are good for us, how to get perfect pecs, and if your heart really does stop when you sneeze.

New Nine face Lyndsey Rodrigues finds out if a one kilometre walk burns the same number of calories as running the same distance and if crossing your legs can cause varicose veins. While presenting a fresh and delicious look at nutrition, Janella Purcell reveals foods that ward off arthritic pain, what is the best morning drink, and if nuts are fattening.

It returns 7:30pm Wednesday April 8th on Nine and is followed by the return of RPA.

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