ABC hosts under international microscope

kerry-obrien-2006Kerry O’Brien and Tony Jones are to be scrutinised by overseas journalists as part of an ABC policy of editorial self-regulation, according to Media Watch.

Interviews by the two hosts have been selected to be assessed a BBC and Canadian broadcaster.

The ABC’s self-regulation policy was the brainchild of the broadcaster’s director of editorial policies, Paul Chadwick.

Chadwick set up a system called Quality Assurance Projects under which he chose small chunks of ABC output that were subjected to analysis by outside experts.

However, Media Watch’s presenter, Jonathan Holmes, said the latest attempt at self-regulation had “raised eyebrows – to put it mildly – inside Aunty”.

“At least I’m in the same business as these guys,” Peter Mansbridge told Media Watch.

“I understand the problems they face … it doesn’t sound that complicated or controversial.”

Host Jonathan Holmes said Britain’s David Dimbelby had now pulled out of the contentious project.

The ABC’s managing director Mark Scott said the ABC “routinely conducts program reviews and quality audits”.



  1. I am mixed about this. I did not see MW last night so I will catch the rpt. It is the regulation that makes The ABC the best thing in journalism and scrutiny of work refines this. I am not sure if this is neccessary though. Scrutiny by broadcasters from other countries sounds like a great idea but will they have the context and understanding of the issues and people debating? I think at the end of the day it should be harmles. The ABC has nothing to fear from a closer look and should pass with flying colours. I guess when when an organisation is doing such a great job is this insulting and what else could it lead to?

  2. Seems a bit strange to have overseas broadcasters, who would know not much or little about Australia, reviewing their work. Surely, Australian broadcasters would have been more relevant? The last time I checked the ABC was watched by Australians, not Poms and Canucks.

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