Airdate: An Audience with Tina Arena

tinaHeads up fans of Tina Arena, as the Bio Channel offers up a special An Audience with Tina Arena next month.

Hosted by Molly Meldrum, it includes Arena singing songs from Songs of Love and Loss Volume 2 and discussing her career, all the way from her beginnings on Young Talent Time all the way to becoming a star in France.

As part of the special she will also answer questions from an audience of entertainmen, media, music, arts and sport personalities.

Funny it’s not on the Arena Channel!

Saturday, May 2 at 8.30pm.


  1. Benjamin Carmelo Heisner

    Hey people’s wow Stella you go Tina forstly to all those pathetic usless loosers out there that have nothing better to do with their time than to try and bring people down well all i have to say is they must be soooo lonley down in their dark dark holes because all they try to do is pull others down there with them! Tina Arena is an amazing woman that i have had the privelage of seeing perform with one other amazing amazing talent of the music industry Andrea Boccelli! The woman can hold her own with the best (Donna Sumer, olivia newton john, celine dion, marc anthony, zucchero) and many more). Go girl you go all the way!!! and for peoples information im actually a man in my early 20’s and im a big kick boxing contender and i know talent when i see it!! and unlike most other young people i absolutley hate the wash of wanna be singers who think that they are all that they cant even sing or do anything worth sitting down listening to except playing in rest-rooms to help eliviate in my oppinion..

  2. Roland the Great

    Aww. Tina was just fabulous and the crowds gave her a standing ovation in the end. she broke down to tears at one point. Haters go away! There’s no place for you in here!

  3. bella aldama

    way to go Tina! I loved the show she was soooooooo good!!! she sang 10 songs! there will be a repeat of the show tomorrow at 12 pm aussie time!

    catch it!

  4. Derrick Gavin Lam


    Have you considered writing in English?

    The irrefutable fact is that she is a mediocre talent whose biggest assett is her ego.”

    Haha. Apparently I do. You are one funny marionnette, a clown actually, who can’t even say something concrete about Tina so he goes personal.

    Funny. funny. funny. Go back to Grade 1 and practice spelling.

    An Audience with Tina Arena will be airing tomorrow! A literal slap to those haters out there! Eat your hearts out!

  5. Clearly Andrew has no idea if talent bit him on the nose…

    But I guess putting your energy into bagging an Aussie artist (and someone whose second language is English) is more important….

  6. Tony,

    She doesn’t need to hit those… what countries you mentioned? You know talent when you hear it? I absolutely don’t think so.

    Philippino and magnificant? There you have it. Argument to the one who doesn’t even know how to ermm… Go figure.

    Yes, your kettle’s boiling so leave. That’s what you need to do.

  7. Derrick (sic). A successful career in France (!) is no great shakes (they love Jerry Lewis!). I admit i am talentless, My one redeaming feature is that I can see talent when I hear it (joke there for those intelligent enough for it). Tina has obviously a backup career in the phillipines (whatever happened to capitalised countries?) when in the twilight of her magnificant career. She will join in the exhalted list of great Phillipino singers like… er….woops… the kettle’s boiling. Until next time…

  8. I think I’m in the Twilight Zone.

    “Tina is Australia‚Äôs greatest musical export and I even come from the Philippines and can say this without batting an eyelash.”

    I need say no more…

  9. Thanks for letting us know! I am really looking forward to this. I saw Tina in concert last month and she blew me away.
    Vocally, she is perfect….

  10. Tony:

    You are indeed one of the deaf ears I’ve ever seen over the net. Tina is Australia’s greatest musical export and I even come from the Philippines and can say this without batting an eyelash.

    Whether you like it or not, Australia will forever be proud for being an ambassador to your country musically.

    Shame on you.

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