Airdate: Christian the Lion

reunion1Get me Whitney Houston! Seven has slated a special built around Christian the Lion, that YouTube hit clip,about a lion raised by two Aussies in the UK in the 1960s, who reunited in the African wild.

The special will air at  Tuesday, May 5th at 7.30pm (bumping a planned return of The Zoo).

The two Aussie ex-pats, John Rendall and Ace Bourke, found a lion cub for sale in a London department store  (as you do) and raised it until it was later released in Kenya. When the two went to look for the adult lion years later cameras captured a remarkable reunion with the lion recognising its former owners. The clip became a big drawcard on YouTube and shown in TV specials around the world, including with a schmaltzy Whitney Houston song.

Last year the two men visited Sydney and appeared on Mornings with Kerri-Anne.

This TV special also includes interviews with Virginia McKenna (star of landmark 1966 film Born Free) and controversial Kenyan-based game keeper George Adamson, who would become Christian’s saviour.

Altogether now: “and IIIIIIIIII-ye-IIIIIIIIII will always lurrrrrrrrve yooooooooou”


  1. I have seen it once before and it made me cry. Somthing that we call wild and could never show liking to a human. Had that kind of emotion, it was amazing. I missed it on sunday. Will it ever air again?

  2. I can’t wait… it’s the most gorgeous story of the freedom we once had to do something as odd as take a lion cub home and release it into the wild where it should have been from the start. Watch it and enjoy it -something real life and not some reality bullshit TV or sadistic cartoon political incorrectness. Find your heart.

  3. Would have been better as a Sunday Night story rather than one hour special. I think 60 minutes have done this story, and I saw one recently on US Nightline or US 20/20 (forget which). 15 mins enough to cover it.

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