Airdate: Dave in the Life

daveBrisbane’s Dave Zwolenski is the star of his own SBS series, Dave in the Life, to air next month.

In the series Dave will discover what it’s really like to go on the campaign trail as a politician, be a struggling pensioner, scream like a one-eyed “shock jock”, live like a homeless person and to become an impotence expert.

He will find out what it would be like to step into someone else’s shoes for a while.

Zwolenski previously appeared in the doco Embedded with Sheik Hilaly which aired in 2008.

The series is desribed as “a comical journey into some great ‘Aussie divides’ but also explores the serious social issues, myths, themes and topical stories of modern Australia.”

It premieres Monday, May 11 at 8.30pm.


  1. The whole cheap thing is not true. They filmed me last Thursday for Dave in the Life og Hunter as I do Dancing and its totally funny as my dad is a Hunter. they lugged around a massive camera and sound system. I think the sound man found out how it is like to be pregnant. so no, it looked a bit professional but maybe a little stingy and cheap. No offense!

  2. Well, I really liked “Embedded with Sheik Hilaly” – that should have been compulsory viewing. So this should be worth seeing.

    Leung was rubbish.

    Barlow was clever.

    Safran is genius (possibly).

  3. Forgive me for being skeptical but this dousnt just look like all those shows it looks like Safran. SBS may have gone a little too safe with this one, we will see. Leung didnt totally work because it was so overly scripted. Barlow worked in a surprising way because the script was quite good. The promos for this new show look cheep. Like they are shot with a cheep camera and had a extreme digtal post job done. I will try to check it out some time but they are putting it against Four Corners. Safrans old spot but can he pull an audience like John did? Not many clues as to the syle of the show are given in the promo so I hope it is a surprise. I have not been surprised, in a good way, by SBS for some time.

  4. @birdoggy – yeah, sounds familiar alright – but it seems to be real (not miles barlow), australian (not louis theroux) and i guess more “community” themed – unlike personally based – like laurence leung…… given these differences, im thinking it might make an interesting show 🙂

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