Airdate: Doctor Who: “Planet of the Dead”

potdDoctor Who fan website GallifreyOne reports that the next special, “Planet of the Dead” will air Sunday May 31st at 7.30pm.

The special aired in the UK at Easter and includes former Bionic Woman Michelle Ryan.

The locations used in this episode include scenes filmed in Dubai, and is the first of four specials for 2009, closing with the departure of David Tennant.

The ABC last aired the 2008 Christmas special in January.

“Planet of the Dead” attracted mixed reviews, with fans generally more supportive than critics.

Meanwhile, the UK TV channel will screen the third series of Torchwood “Children of Earth” in June while ABC2 will screen S1 from June 19.

Source: gallifreyone


  1. Stan, all we’re asking for is a few days’ delay (eg, like Seven does with Heroes). Getting it via satellite makes that very easy.

    I don’t download Heroes anymore thanks to Seven’s good practice with this. Would it really kill the ABC to do the same?

    Sometimes I just feel that the ABC programming staff live in a cave, and get a shock when the BBC sends them a new episode — they sit bolt upright and say “Oh, wow, look! New episode! We’ll have to make room in the schedule for it!” As if there’s no way they could have found out weeks in advance, for crying out loud.


  2. From some of the comments here, it sounds like ABC1 are wasting everybody’s time even airing this. Because if ABC didn’t take a direct feed of this program as the UK were seeing it, people like Craig won’t even bother watching it now.

    Not being a Dr Who fan anyway, maybe they could show a nice documentary instead for the suckers like me who still watch FTA television…

  3. I’ve seen it, I thought is was ok! Really don’t know why they have to wait so long to show it here, it should be shown a week later at the very lastest.

  4. This was the first Dr Who episode ever filmed in HD.

    Though I’ve seen the SD version and the story’s not very compelling, I hope ABC shows the actual HD version on its HD channel to make it worth seeing again.

  5. I’m glad they are running it so quickly, but I’ve seen it already and it’s not very good. I’m glad Russell T. Davies is moving on as his writing for Dr Who has become far too OTT.

  6. Too later ABC, come on 6 weeks after the UK is just silly!

    Most hard core fans would have seen it already, even if it meant having a friend post them a DVD copy!

    Will ABC air the making of ‘Confidential’ special this time? Maybe they should put that on ABC2 at 8:30pm, (right after the ep airs) as they do in the UK.

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