Airdate: Eleventh Hour

11hourIt gets very hard to support a new programme when networks mess around with episode orders.

Nine has a habit of doing this. Earlier this year it notoriously played Flashpoint out of sequence, defending that the eps were stand alone stories. It failed to recognise the series had character arcs that progressed in the background. Ratings for the series slipped and Nine took it off the air.

Now it launches new US drama Eleventh Hour -from the second episode. “Cardiac” will screen at 9:30pm on Monday April 27th following Underbelly.

In the US it aired on October 16th, a week after the first episode “Resurrection” premiered.

The Jerry Bruckheimer produced mystery series centeres on Dr Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell), a brilliant crime solver recruited by the Government as an on-call detective to investigate the rapidly growing number of crimes and crisis that fall outside of normal detective work. It also stars Marley Shelton.


  1. Nine should show the eps in order, but this is basically a case of ‘be grateful Nine are even screening the show’, as it’s rating poorly for CBS in the US and
    is very likely to get cancelled. I suspect it’ll rate poorly for Nine as well and not last long.

  2. Notwithstanding starting at the wrong episode, but I am not pleased with the timeslot as that clashes with Spooks & Brothers & Sisters.

  3. I haven’t watched any of the commercial networks in quite a while…the only shows I do catch on FTA these days are Gruen Transfer and Lawrence Leung, and they’re both on ABC. And even then half the time I’m watching it on the ABC website as its more convenient for me. Can’t wait for the Chaser’s in July

  4. Seems stupid. Surely if episode 2 is stronger it only takes a bit of common sense to solve the problem – basically either launch with a double episode, or have a soft launch and bill episode 1 as kind of a preview, and then push the series as beginning with episode 2.

    At the very least they could make episode 1 available online first.

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