Airdate: Harper’s Island

CBS' mystery whodunnit begins on TEN next month, coming to Sunday nights.

harpersisland11Good to see TEN is bringing Harper’s Island to screen next month.

As previously reported, a group of family and friends travel to a secluded island for a wedding but fall prey to murderer who kills them one by one. Every episode someone is killed and everyone is a suspect. Designed as a B-grade slasher with a 13-ep closed series, there is talk a new batch of victims and location could work in a second series if it fires.

There will be no point running the show after internet spoilers have told us all who the killer is so it’s good to see TEN is moving on this (relatively) swiftly. As it is 3 episodes have aired in the US. Maybe we can still catch up…

The series begins on TEN at 9:40pm Sunday May 10, rated MA for mayhem!

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  1. Pretty much the 2nd half of the season will air during US nonratings, so there is nothing to worry about – it’ll all get aired. It may even pick up once all the other regular shows finish their runs and Harpers ends up being one of the few brand new shows running over their summer.

  2. Doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t get a second season, as the current story arc will be over. If it does survive a second season for some reason, it will be with completely different characters and a different storyline. So long as CBS don’t pull it, it should be all good. I don’t see why they would anyway.

  3. HI won’t make it to a second season, it only got 2.0 in 18-49 and 7.49 million viewers last week in the US, thats a loss of more than 3 million viewers in just 2 weeks. It will continue to slip each week. Eleventh Hour was doing a lot better in the post-CSI slot

  4. Well I’ve already seen the first 2 episodes and i have the third (I won’t spoil anything though) and it is quite a good series. They have a competition for US viewers where you guess who will die in the next episode and so i do that too it’s just i cant win the prize xD. And even though I’ve already seen it I’m definately going to watch it one TEN. I’m one of those people that likes watching episodes of my favourite shows over and over again (Hence my growing TV on DVD collection)

  5. I’ve been pointedly avoiding spoilers, even dropping my daily visit to the associated website just in case. For a show that is 95% unlikeable douchebags, it’s weasling its way into my schedule amazingly well.

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