Airdate: Monster Auditions

monster-audsYou won’t see this in your Guide anywhere but tonight SBS has the first of some new interstitials, 1 minute animations featuring different monsters chatting about life’s ups and downs to their life coach.

Produced by Sydney based animation company Sticky Pictures, Monster Auditions is created by Stu Connolly who says, “The idea came from the DVD extras of live action movies where you see the original audition tapes,”

“The original idea was for famous B-grade monsters to audition but as the idea developed with the team at Sticky and Carole Sklan at SBS, we broadened the show beyond just auditions for movies.”

The series, directed by new director Suren Perera, will feature a collection of different monsters, all of whom are dealing with their own very human issues. To put the unusual characters in a more natural situation, the 2D flash animations will feature in front of photographic stills of places around the city and its surrounds.

Monster Auditions
was funded as a joint operation by SBS and Screen Australia who Connolly said have “supported the project all the way through.” Each short is just one minute long, but the entirety of the series took six months to complete, from its initial idea stages to its production on screen.

Monster Auditions premieres tonight at 8:28pm on SBS.

Source: FilmINK

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