Airdate: Packed to the Rafters

raftjuliePacked to the Rafters will screen on the Hallmark Channel from June.

Seven’s hit series, which is sure to perform at Sunday’s Logie Awards, will screen from Saturday, June 13th.

Ros Jones, Channel Director Australasia said, “The Hallmark Channel is programmed and produced with an Australian audience clearly in mind. We are delighted that Packed to the Rafters makes its STV debut on Hallmark – the home of Aussie drama.”

Hallmark also promises City Homicide (Series 2) in September, and Rush (Series 1 and 2) from December.


  1. @ Barrie

    There are more than 4 widescreen channels in Australia.
    There’s ABC1, ABC2, ABC HD, TEN, ONE HD, ONE Digital, SBS One, SBS Two, SBS HD, Seven, Seven HD, Nine and Nine HD.
    Also keep in mind that ABC3 is expected to be on air around November, and Nine have their new channel coming, as well as Seven’s. And TEN have been hinting at another channel.

    So 13 channels right now with another 3 definitely on the way, with a possible 4th.
    ABC also have said that they would eventually expand to 6 channels..

  2. There’s just as many, if not more ads on Foxtel. Some channels worse than others.

    Music channels are the worst with bombardment of mobile phone subscription ads. They really should consider banning those ads, as they turn people off, or do it radio style with 50 minutes ad-free, then 2 ad breaks in 10 mins.

  3. Neon Kitten, Its still better than watching 4 channels in widescreen in the 21st century, or downloading FTA programmes. I didnt watch PTTR on seven as in WA 7 isn’t on Foxtel and I don’t watch FTA for the amount of advertising they show. I’m looking forward to seeing it on Hallmark without all the adverts and pop ups.

  4. Foxtel still has channels in 4:3?? On a digital platform? In 2009??

    Sheesh, yet another reason I’m glad not to be wasting ~$100 a month on it.

    The most recent glimpse of Foxtel I got was an hour or so of a MusicMax Top 200 countdown of randomly chosen music videos. All of them were squeezed into an incorrect aspect ratio, while all of the ads (and there were loads of those) were fine.

  5. The problem with shows original shot in 16:9 and than are cropped to fit a 4:3 channel is more and more directors are using the widescreen to it’s full, cutting the sides often can cut out actors talking in a scene. Maybe they should at least show them with black bars top and bottom, it’s not idea but better than nothing.

  6. “The home of Aussie drama”??? What a load of rubbish – when was the last time Hallmark commissioned a drama series to be made. They’re just screening what others have produced! Can’t believe these marketeers who believe their own BS.

  7. Pity all these programs that hallmark pick up from the FTA channels like sea patrol and city homicide which were aired originally in widescreen, are cropped or shown in full screen on this channel, Packed to the Rafters, I suspect will be another show that is like this when aired on hallmark.

  8. It’s dissapointing Fox8 or a more mainstream pay channel is not interested in picking up the cable rights to more Aussie dramas like Packed, City Homicide etc.

    I guess it’s not really their demo.

    Fox8 might go after Underbelly – more their demo.

    Perhaps we need an older skewing second general entertainment channel, like TNT, FX or USA in the US

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