Airdate: Second Chance

huttonNine has a special aimed at Australian families struggling with the financial crisis.

Airing at 6:30pm Sunday April 26th, Second Chance is hosted by Deborah Hutton who surprises a family on the verge of bankruptcy and offers them ‘a life line.’

Joined by money expert Paul Clitheroe, builder James Bawden and Real Estate Guru John McGrath they offer advice and practical tips on family finances.

Nine has slated the series in the same timeslot as Domestic Blitz was screening, which also surprised families with generosity through makeovers. It has one more episode in the can and maintains the show will return to production later in the year.

Wonder if Nine will revisit the family in this special in six months and see if it turned their lives around at all?


  1. Great show. However I agree with many of the above negative comments…. Conditions should have been made to sell all collectables etc.
    A break down of costs \ their outgoings in specifics would also have been helpful. I felt the breakdown was just brushed over to quickly. She said she put 120K into the house (please correct me if im wrong) this obv wasn’t used as deposit?? I assume this went on the pool etc but pretty much put on value on the house……. I can imagine it is embaressing to have all the details out there but they are getting given a get out of jail free card…. Beggars can’t be choosers unfortunately. Great show.

  2. It was a terrific show and was really well presented – it is such a shame that a lot of people suffer from “Crab mentality” which is sad to see. If you wish to be on the show how about contacting Channel 9 too. Worth a try!!!
    Who are we to say that our situation is worse than theirs – of course there are always someone worse off – we don’t have the full facts. Well we don’t do we? really – what is on the show is not necessarily the full story – I guess they wouldn’t put too much personal stuff on the show especially if it involves other family members – if you looked closely there was toys in the house maybe that is why – who knows; it is none of my business. I know if it were me though I wouldn’t want all bared for all of Australia to see either. How about we show some consideration for them instead of personal attacks. Would we really be brave enough to go through the process like they did? I don’t imagine it was easy for them.
    Don’t be so quick to judge this couple by by what you see – don’t judge a book by it’s cover – we need to look for the positives here and be happy that someone got a second chance – maybe if we were more positive about it this show might be a success with the ratings and therefore more shows would be produced giving someone else a second chance too. It just may help you or someone else you know.

  3. 2 years ago, channel 9 ran a ‘money’ special with Paul Clitheroe and some others. It was a good show, but they never ran it again.
    The lady who did most of the work has her own company called Budget Bitch and she helps people get their finances straight. She’s a straight talker and doesn’t pull any punches. She doesn’t charge much, and she’s helped heaps of people to get sorted. Google her website: budgetbitch
    Why doesn’t channel 9 get her to show her stuff on tv again? It was a bit like watching super nanny, but with money not kids.

  4. I have not seen the show but i hope to god the people on it really deserve it, i know there are people worse off then myself and my family, but we got stuck in the mortgage game, interest too high, husband was injured while self employed, forced to sell home, moved back into my parents house, so we are 30 and 34 years old with a 2 year old daughter living out of a bedroom in my parents house, i lost my house that we built and i loved…that was a year ago and i still cry every night about it, but at least we had somewhere to go, albeit it not perfect and full of stress and arguments, and if we dont get out, probably divorce, but after clearing out left over debts with bankruptcy we dont really have a choice. no one helped us when we asked and needed it so please make sure you are worthy of the help being offered to you and use it wisely.

  5. It was such a shame to see the people who got this second chance as i know of some one who was much more worthy of all those goodies and the sound advice of paul……maybe next time i could offer you her name

  6. Second chance was a great show but the couple given the second chance were a bad example. I am certain that if you check in with this couple they will not have changed their ways. They’re hoarders and borrow to sustain their collecting hobbies. These two should have sold all their collectors items before even contacting your show. I am certain there are many more genuine and in need families than these two. What they have is a condition. Oprah Winfrey aired it some years ago about a very similar situation. No doubt these two love each other & have had circumstances bestowed on them out of their control (like their health) but those collectors items need to be sold & they both need some counselling to cure their spending/borrowing urges. I genuinely hope these two get the help they need & not just the band aid that was offered by Nine.

  7. Dear Sir/ Madam;
    I am a disabled Person, that has for the last 20 years worked my whole life to get to some point. re: My own house, work for a company that I know that i will not lose my job after six month’s. Everyperson is responcable for there action’s. channel seven has my car acciedent footage on 30th April 1986. Very Lucky to survive the acciedent.
    Now All i ask is for some help to get back on my feet, I dont want hand out’s just some help to not go bankrupt, i have been through foxsymes etc. But what i need is the help of a national group ( National New’s doco’s) to help me, even the government both local & state have grant’s avaliable to start your own business, & that is my passion to start my own business I have a business idea & i have started the ball rolling.
    To clear my debt’s I would make a formal offer to all creditors to clear the debt’s, but i would need at least 40K to do so.
    Therefore i am asking if your show if you can please could help me.

  8. The show was good, but I expected to hear more from Paul Clitheroe on actual money matters, eg. debt consoldiation and how to get it, how much deposit you need before even considering a loan for house etc…..

  9. What a load of rubbish…who does Paul Clitheroe think he is,saying things like don’t draw on your superannuation…what its better if the fund managers lose it for us,i would like to use it myself and be more constructive with it than to lose it by the so called professionals,and what a stupid thing to tell us,to pore as much as we can into our superannuation,what an idiot,what, so we can throw good money to bad,i hope ASIC wasn’t watching this show,he would get fined for giving advice without authority.

  10. This show was a disappointment as it helped? one couple and did not provide practical advice that other people in financial trouble could follow.
    It was ridiculous – as the value of the renovation actually would have cost more than the amount of value the house increased by – so it was not practical advice – as companies do not normally give away their goods & services for free. Paul Clitheroe provided practical advice except for saying that he could see them buying another house in the near future. These people had no money skills. The male had no savings to contribute when the house was purchased – what had he previously done with his money – he should have accumulated some savings at his age – especially as he had been earning a good income. Also where did his superannuation go – into thin air?
    If they had sold off the cars, collections etc. and paid off all of their debts except for the house loan and then had lived within their means (after being taught some money skills) could they then have worked out something with the bank and maybe kept their house? It did not make sense to sell their car at such a loss – could it not have been sold privately (maybe on ebay) for a higher amount. Stupid woman giving the car salesman a hug – he was not doing them any favours.
    The only winner was the person who bought a lovely rennovated house at a bargain price.

  11. I watched the show last night and could not believe my eyes. I was expecting real aussie battlers to be helped and given a “second chance,” not 2 people who didnt even want to help themselves!

  12. This show represents a poor attempt at an advertising campaign.
    It does nothing to correct the underlying issues relating to this couples problems.

    The show failed to give basic rules for them to live their life.
    I guarantee these people will find themselves in a similar finacial position in future.

    Theses are some of the steps i feel the show should have followed

    1. Learn how to sell on ebay
    2. Sell off the old beetle
    3. Sell all the model cars and collectables
    4. Stop buying and collecting things you cannot afford
    5. Live within your means
    6. Get a job
    7. Use public transport
    8. Enrole in life skills classes.

  13. I enjoyed the show and what a great make over. I think that couple are so use to living in such an overcrowded house with all those nick nacks I don’t think they saw how beautiful their house turned out.

    I would have preferred to see a family that had sold all their treasures to pay bills and to feed themselves get a hand.

    What attempt had this couple made to save themselves? They still had their luxury car. They still had all their collectables. Surely there was some money to be made selling all that stuff. Why was there no garage sale held?

    I think in most cases one will not learn unless they hit rock bottom first. I hope they make the most of their second chance, but I don’t know if this show made them any wiser.

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