Airdate: Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation

talkinboutyourgenerationTEN has on air promotions that indicate its new panel show hosted by Shaun Micallef, Talkin’ Bout Your Generation will premiere 7:30pm Tuesday May 5th.

With Bondi Rescue ending the week before, the new show will feature Amanda Keller, Charlie Pickering and Josh Thomas as Baby Boomer, Gen X and Gen Y respectively.

The Granada-produced show is an original format.


  1. the girls name is ruby something. She is from MTV and is dating one of the veronicas. That’s right, she is a lesbian. Sorry dude, but u got no chance…

  2. i can’t wait!!!
    laney mitchell, you are generation z. its the latest generation.
    Benny, what exactly is wrong with the title? its an interactive show about the different generations, therefore, the title fits the show perfectly and it sounds fine.
    and ‘baby boomer’, ‘generation x’ and ‘generation y’ are the correct names used for the different age groups. there may be more formal names used, but the show is fun and using nickname kind of things would just make it better.
    and the people representing these age groups were probably chosen because they are funny and entertaining (it is a comedy show!) and have the characteristics and know more about their own generation. like maybe you are just really serious and interested in things that are different to what others of your generation are into. josh thomas keeps up with technology and knows what’s going on now. he is more typical of a generation y person, and would represent his age group well.

  3. Yikes. I just saw the ads, and it does look like a cross between the sterile sets of Good News Week and the format of Out of the Question. It seems like exactly the same concept as Sweet FA too, except for the marked difference of appeal/originality of the titles.

    Great to see Micallef back, though.

  4. Josh Thomas can speak for me anytime he wants! He’s hilarious. If there was a person on the show to represent each unique person from each generation then the hosts of the show would be equal to Australia’s population.
    Don’t be so critical of it. It’s not meant to be taken seriously, its just a bit of fun.

    Go Gen Y!!

  5. The title is terrible. It’s questionable whether there is an audience for the show’s subject matter, especially if they treat labels such as “Boomer, X and Y” as serious sociological phenomona, rather than the irrelevant nonsense they are.

    Everyone is unique. I’m 24 and I can tell you, Josh Thomas does not speak for me.

  6. Hopefully this is better than Good News Week and Out of the Question, both of those were iffy panel shows IMO. I’ll probably just stick with Gruen

  7. This show looks pretty cool… there are talk shows all over the world.. i mean, yea there may be more on this year than past years, but it’s not over the top.. and i mean if the topics are good and the people on there can be funny.. then i’ll watch.. i’m really looking forward to this one.. I wish they started it sooner.. 🙂 Shaun is such a funny man.. hope newstopia comes back too!

  8. @ryan

    How do you mean cheap?, Panel shows seems to be in favor at them moment Spicks and Speck, Gruen Transfer, GNW, are all quite popular, though most of the sucess comes down to thw writing, and the participants.

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