Airdate: The Evidence

evidence10This cop show didn’t fare so well in the US but it has some eclectic casting which might be worth a look.

Nine will premiere a short-lived ABC crime series, The Evidence.

Made in 2006 it features Orlando Jones, Rob Estes and Martin Landau. The cast also includes Jodie Lyn O’Keefe (Prison Break’s Gretchen).

A character-driven detective series, it revolves around Inspectors Sean Cole (Rob Estes) and Cayman Bishop (Orlando Jones), two long-time partners and best friends in the San Francisco Police Department. Evidence of every case is presented at the outset of the story; all of the pieces to the puzzle will be known by viewers from the beginning.

However, they discover that the crime, like the evidence itself, is never what it seems.

Only four episodes aired in its original timeslot before being bumped by ABC. 8 eps were made in total.

It premieres Sunday April 19 at 10:30pm on Nine.


  1. Why bother – it only lasted 8 eps and would not be like anything from the UK which works to shorter runs and ties off the ends – just another failure

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