Airdate: The Recruits

gpaTEN has quite a few new shows on the way.

One is the new factual series The Recruits, filmed at Goulburn Police Academy in New South Wales.

The series will follow new recruits as they train for the NSW Police Force.

TEN’s on air promotions indiate the series will premiere at 8pm on Monday May 4th.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with the comments about Toola ( don’t bother correcting the spelling) and some of the others but I think Ben probably turned out best. In his case policing is a family tradition he was born with it. So IMHO he will turn out best.

  2. Ross and Anon. The trainers are Amateurs at what? Acting? They’re not actors, they’re PT instructors. They are not paid to be on a TV show, they’re just doing their job. As much as you like to think it’s just done for the cameras, they’re actually just going about their normal lessons, cameras or no cameras. Ces (who yes was disgraceful in the beginning and his fitness shocking) obviously responded well to the type of encouragement the PT instructor gave him. You talk about him ‘bumbling through his lines’ but him staying with Ces and providing that encouragement helped Ces to complete the run. Yes it was no real achievement and the other instructor was completely fair to tell the others not to applaud his appalling effort, but they could also recognise what needed to be done to help Ces push through his barriers. He may not have been fit and his body was telling him he couldn’t go further, but he was willing to push past the point where he didn’t think he could continue. And due to this he was then able to improve his fitness. It’s the others who don’t even want to try that are the embarrassment, the ones who give up as soon as it gets hard. The ones who know what level is required for them to pass the fitness but don’t put in the hard work to achieve that. They want to get through without challenging themselves. Ces knew he was hopeless and what he needed to do to change that, and with determination and the help and encouragement of the trainers, he was able to achieve that. I think that’s a much better achievement than those who have a general fitness and do the smallest amount they need to just scrape through.

  3. I totally agree with Ross. The part where the PT was ‘encouraging’ Cec saying to push through the wall because there is more on the other side and wanting the uniform was hilarious. I hope it was just him bumbling through the lines… because if that is what they actually say to our future cops.. that’s just an embarrassment.

  4. I watched The Recruits last night and was appalled. What a bunch of deadbeats. Firstly, there was the bloke who couldn’t run 3 kms (kick him out now), then the ditzy bimbo who high-fived her mate with glee after doing the grip test. She’ll be a great help in a pub brawl. NSW Police should hang their heads in shame at what a bunch of no-hopers they are. I won’t stop there though…..the academy building looked like a dump and – just to cap it off – we had the trainers who bumbled through their lines like amateurs. The only one with any balls was the PT trainer who rightly scorned the Gen Y drongos who clapped their exhausted mate for “trying”.

    I’ve run out of room….but P Plate man was the cream on the (stale) cake. Hilarious

  5. Why can you have multiple traffic offences including a DUI under your belt in other states but still get accepted into the NSW Police Force?

  6. Would it not cut down loss of hours and workers compensaion injury rates if the NSW Police had big tall burly men and women working for them like in the 80’s. It is a genuine requirement for the task at hand so there is an exemption under the EEO act. One must be capable of doing the task at hand. When I was younger you could not get in unless you weighed so much, were a certain height and had certain chest measurements. I am sure this was the case. Those cops comanded respect. Not that I totally agree but I overhead someone call the NSW Police, the Police Circus. Not being mean at all but what if a qualified dwarf applied would they get a start? I suppose under the current rules they would.

  7. Tula just watched your ‘diary cam’ on the channel ten site. This is not Big Brother, we cracked up with your ‘I’m not ready to go home yet’ comment. And you saying that there are others that don’t have the qualities or deserve to be there… have you had a look at yourself??? Please please please we are begging you, don’t go back once your ban is finished. Stick to trying to get on reality tv shows and leave the policing to people worthy of it.

  8. I also think that the Recruits was ridiculous. Tula is a joke and is an embarressment to the NSW Police. I was also at Goulburn during the filming, and let me tell everyone that there were some normal and mature people there. I think it is very unfortunate that they chose such inept children to represent the NSW Police. What a joke of a show. How is anyone meant to respect police after watching that?

  9. Tula you are an embarrassment. For many reasons but mainly for how little respect you showed for the job and the people who are in it or want to be in it for the right reasons.

  10. you think you get told theres going to be a reality tv show. then you get to go through 12 months of interviews and applications? then get put on a 18 month waithing list after all that??? OK… well when you find out how i knew about the show 3 years ago, before its current existance, let me know Rob

  11. Having been at the college last year, I think the first episode of “The Recruits” was a disgrace and made a mockery of the whole training program. The people selected didn’t have a clue what to do, when the majority of students gave the same exercises a much better go than was portrayed. The program seems to focus on the people that turned the classes into a bit of a joke.

    It was a tough course from many different aspects, and I was embarrassed by the way it was portrayed – as a joke. Tula was an embarrassment to the college and blatantly broke protocol for the first 6 weeks – parading around with her ankle strapped while wearing high heels and wearing her hair down. We didn’t get the luxury of that.

    I seriously hope that the rest of the program improves and shows some people doing a great job as well, and showing how tough the course can be at times, from physical to academic. Episode 1 doesn’t leave much to hope for…

  12. Jazz: Wake up – obviously he passed it if he got to Goulburn in the first place. It never shows how many push ups the group had done up to that point. Its a TV Show.

    Where you there at that PT session? Did they just make you do 5 push ups and say “Ok, guys, thats it” and give you a pat on the back and hand you some Iced Tea?

  13. Tula I think it is disgraceful you joining just to get on the show… how little respect you have for the job and all the people that really want to be in it…. won’t be sad seeing the episode when you were kicked out.

  14. To an outsider this program may portray the students as being toltally oblivious to what’s going on around them. You know what? IT IS. These people are there to fulfil a dream that they have to make a difference in society. If they already knew what to do, they wouldn’t be there in Goulburn doing the hard yards. Don’t think for one minute that the students at that place are all going to make it out because they won’t. Some can’t handle the academics. Some can’t handle the fitness. And some can’t handle the extreme financial pressure you are put under when you are not paid to complete a minimum of 6 months training. How would you go if you were put in the same situation at your job if they told you that you would not be paid for this amount of time. Yet these students knowingly put themselves through it. Not because they have to, but because they want to.

    You have to realise that what you see in the first episodes is not the end result. This is just the beginning of a long road ahead for these people.While juggling study, fitness and home life while away from home, some will undoubtably fail in their quest to be what they have dreamed of. These people have come from stable jobs to join a career where you go to work and strap on a gun and go out to find people that are breaking the law. It’s not for everybody

    As i said earlier, some will not make it through. But others will strive to be the best they can be and come through the ups, and mostly downs, of the Goulburn Police Academy. So if you have never been at that place, or know someone who has, give these guys and girls a break. Because they will be the ones you call when you’re in trouble. Remenber that!

  15. How did Ses even pass the intial physical test. We had to do 25 push up to pass and he would also have failed the beep test by his performance in last nigths episode.

  16. I really enjoyed the first episode tonight but some of those new recruits were terrible, that 26 year old bloke ses?, seriously.

  17. I am currently trying to join AFP or NSW police, i have seen the Goulburn Police College and loved it, i think it will be a great insight for me and hopefully it will change some peoples views and opinions of police. I just wish it was on TV on Sunday or Friday nights.

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