Airdate: Whatever Happened To That Guy?

Peter Moon's new series, in which he plays an unemployable comic, sounds like the closest thing we'll get to our own Curb Your Enthusiasm.

whttg08Peter Moon’s self-devised (and doubtless self-ironic) comedy series  Whatever Happened To That Guy? will premiere on Monday May 25 at 8.30pm on The Comedy Channel.

The eight-part series about a character called Peter Moon, a former star of Fast Forward and breakfast radio in the late eighties and nineties (sound familiar?). But his career has tapered off and he is but a dim memory in the mind of the public. Sounds like the closest thing we’ll get to a local Curb Your Enthusiasm

According to publicity notes, Moon is now an unemployed baby boomer facing a feeling of general redundancy and ‘too much time on his hands’ seeks distraction in many forms – as a crusading consumer, keen bargain hunter; potential entrepreneur, inventor and budding film maker.

The show features some performers playing themselves, and others in broader comedic cameos, including Michael Veitch, Red Symons, John Blackman, Bruce Beresford, Greg McLean, Alyce Platt, Peter Smith and Wilbur Wilde.

Comedy Channel manager Alex Ristevski said “Whatever Happened To That Guy is a tribute to all the second raters out there. It’s time the people in the middle were recognised, and this show exalts and celebrates mediocrity consciously and deliberately with hilarious results”.

The series is directed by Ted Emery.

If it goes to second series he oughta play an out of work comedian who does a TV show about an out of work comedian.

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  1. I think if you re-read the comment left by Mikey, Peter, you will note that it was only “several” years ago – not “seven”. Not that that helps things – in fact it makes things worse, ’cause a person can change alot in seven years – but in “several” years…..??….. I was married to your cousin – (“was” being the operative word)…knowing him well and seeing as you two are related ..I would say, if I were Mikey….”very passionate,expressive and to the point.” (if you are in any way similar to your cousin). And anyway, I wouldn’t worry about the Mikey’s…there are plenty of people out there who prefer your kind than the fence sitting, silent mice, always nice and never speak their mind types – you never know what they’re thinking! I guess, as I was once married to your cousin, that makes us almost, kind of, once related, in a long distant, non-meaningful, disconnected kind of way!….I don’t think we ever met. Anyway, just thought I’d put my bit in… All the best.

  2. I can’t believe people are reviewing my consumer behaviour! It’s not as if I killed someone seven years ago. Seven years ago I was just generally a rude person to deal with? Is that it? Is that the best you’ve got? What was I buying? Look, I apologize. But seven years ago I was getting up every day at 4.30am to do breakfast radio with Wendy Harmer. In that context, `mildly rude’ is good. I should be made a saint already! The other point is that (and I don’t want to be rude here – again) but you sound exactly like the kind of superior, judgemental twat that gets right up my nose. Nothing personal.

  3. Hey David, Speaking of the Comedy Channel – are they planning on doing a second series of Comedy Slapdown? I unfortunately lost the internet and missed the end of the first series and never got to read anything about whether it was a success or failure? Cheers

  4. Hmmm, when they were talking about this show a couple of weeks ago on Boxcutters, I thought Wilber Wilde said that they had initially planned to use Moon’s own family but had decided against it. That’s clearly Andrea Powell in the photo playing his wife.

  5. Have you had a chance to preview it David? It looks promising as I always liked this guy and his humour. Mind you several years ago I had the displeasure of dealing with him in retail – not angry, but a generally rude person to deal with.

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