Airdate: WWE Diva Diaries

wweNow just remember, you’re watching this because it’s about wrestling, right?

Nine has slated WWE Diva Diaries for Sunday afternoon.

It’s described as “a light hearted look at the leading ladies of the WWE universe, their hopes and dreams, their moves, their make-up and, every so often, actual matches between some of the most glamorous athletes appearing on the wrestling circuit today.”

Believe it or not.

It screens this Sunday April 12 at 1pm in Sydney and Brisbane and 1:30pm in Melbourne in place of WWE Afterburn.


  1. If i were 9 I’d run Afterburn after the respective Footy Shows on Thursday night, be a nice audience waiting there, or leave Afterburn and put the Divas on after the local TFS 🙂

  2. David @ Green Point

    Which hole is FTA TV wanting to bury itself in? The 24 Diva Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25 this week was the saddest ‘match’ on the card. The Diva matches always are. So why bother giving that angle any airtime at all? Oh, of course. This is the Nork Network’s latest T&A funbag showing…

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