An Extra bet on the 5:30 battle

extraIt’s certainly capturing our attention. Next week’s game show battle is so heating up, that one online gambling website is running a book on who will win the 5:30pm battle between Deal or No Deal and Hot Seat.

It indicates the stoush will be decided by: “Highest Median 5 City Oztam Rating 21/04 – 30/05/09 Inclusive. Bets Off If Either Show Cancelled Or Rescheduled During Betting Period.”

This is pretty silly.

Hot Seat doesn’t even go head to head with Deal in Brisbane. It airs at 5pm due to Extra hosted by Heather Foord at 5:30pm.

That means less eyeballs for Nine to begin with.

The way the results will be tallied for each show’s will measured as follows:

Deal or No Deal 5:30 -6:00 Syd, Mel, Bris, Ade, Per = one figure.

Hot Seat 5:30 – 6:00 Syd, Mel, Ade, Per plus 5:00 – 5:30pm Bris = one figure.

Bookies should really be running the book on who wins the 5:30 – 6pm share, which would include Extra, not title v title.

They are two different principles, and it’s one you can expect some media to overlook next week when figures do emerge.

Based on this theory, TV Tonight suggests you put your money on Deal.

As to who actually wins the 5:30 share (which is what really matters to the network) -that’s another question.


  1. Hotseat is the better show, but Deal unfortunately has pulled out all the stops with the Double Shot briefcase for the next 2 weeks.

    Hopefully people who prefer mental stimulation to a little braindead random briefcase selection will tune in to Hotseat and stick with it.

    I’ll get to be on one of Hotseat’s episodes next week (Wednesday I think) and it was a fantastic experience, such fun to be a part of. Eddie’s a top bloke too, from my brief conversations with him before and after recording.

    I hope Hotseat does well in the ratings, and kicks Deal’s butt, but I know Deal is a bit of a powerhouse and it will take a lot for some of the Deal regulars to convert over. Given time and more than 20 episodes, it could ultimately be the winner in the timeslot.

  2. Phfft when Eddie sacked Rick Burnett as host of Extra, a lot of folks went away and stayed away, even after one of Australia’s finest news readers (Heather Foord) took over recently.

  3. As you have commented in other threads david about the slight change to the title to Hot Seat, how it changed from Millionare: Hot Seat to just Hot Seat….

    Saw a promo last night, and the voice over guy didnt mention the word Millionare in the promo at all nor did eddie,


    when the title came up on screen witht the nine logo bottom right and the time and start date/day/time bottom right the title still was Millionare: Hot Seat… even though the word Millionare wasnt mentioned at all during the promo, although can be seen around the studio and in the closing shot of the add as i mention above…

    all bit confusing, what will eddie call it on Monday Afternoon

    Welcome to Millionare:Hot Seat or just welcome to Hot Seat???

    I will be tuning in, hope nine are on a winner here, they have tried everything

  4. I’ll go for Deal or no Deal too..

    Ch9 made the mistake sexing up ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’ then changing the name twice before it even kicks off, they’ll pay for this big time just watch!.

  5. So would I, Millionaire vs Deal has happened before and Deal one quite convincingly. Even though it has slightly changed the format i still can’t see it beating Deal.

    What is the betting agency?

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