ANTM premiere performs for FOX8

antm5apFoxtel says the premiere of Australia’s Next Top Model managed a 25% increase on last year’s debut.

The fifth season debut broke viewing records for a premiere episode on FOX8 with the brand dubbed “subscription television’s highest rating series ever.”

The average audience of 302,000 is up on last year’s premiere -but it’s also tracked over two screenings on FOX8 and FOX8+2 and also includes regional viewers.

Compared to Free to Air’s ‘5 city one screening’ formula it attracted 143,466 for the first screening at 7:30pm and 59,495 for the later 9:30pm repeat. Because subscription TV isn’t in every home and measures using a different formula (which includes regional and repeat screenings) it can’t quite be stacked up beside FTA city metro.

In the world of Pay TV it remains a popular brand and a 25% boost would appear to reflect the show’s recent  controversial headlines in the media.

Yesterday judge Alex Perry hit back at critics who blasted him over using terms such as “wild pig”, “blockhead” and “jelly botty” in relation to contestants.

“People think that is harsh … but when you come to us, you’re saying you’re beautiful and people will pay you because of how you look and the condition of your body,” he told

“…The people who think what we say is harsh are armchair critics who have no concept of this business and are probably overweight themselves.”

“It’s not acceptable to make somebody so upset that they cry … that they home in and target someone,” he said.


  1. The first episode was made almost unbearable by the smug, and ever so fake Johnathon Pease…what the hell is he doing on television? He doesn’t have one redeeming quality that would make a viewer feel a connection with him….Lose him!!!

  2. ha ha Alex Perry. You are hardly svelt yourself. I understand the business but you were being a bitch just for the sake of it. Instead of snorting and calling a 16yo girl a pig, how about something constructive?
    Oh, and take the sunglasses off your head, there is no sun inside.

  3. FTA Ratings should include viewers outside the top 5 markets too.
    So silly to measure how many people watch a show only in 5 areas of Australia that make up only 65% of our nation.

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