ASTRA Awards: voting closing

Voting for subscription TV's annual gongs are closing soon. But why are the awards not live to air?

astra-awardsVoting for the 2009 ASTRA Awards closes this Wednesday.

Subscribers can vote via www.astraawards.com or digital channel 222 available across all platforms. The public voting for the ‘Favourite’ categories closes at midnight on Wednesday 15 April.

You can check all the nominees here.

The winners will be announced on Monday April 20th at FOX Studios.

But for a network that trumpets the fact that it telecasts US award shows live to air, it is disappointing the event won’t be screened live to the viewers. If other events including Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras can broadcast live, why not the ASTRAs? It will also help them to be taken more seriously by viewers.

Award’s highlights will appear from 21 April on various channels  and the full broadcast is only available On Demand for iQ subscribers from 23 April.

Can we address this for 2010 please? Three days after the big night is kinda old news…

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  1. The problem with these awards is they don’t allow you to vote for your favourites – they only allow you to choose between one of the 8 they have selected. With all the Pay TV channels there must be hundreds of “favourite international actor” or “favourite programme” that you could nominate. I didn’t vote because I didn’t want to pick any of their 8. Who choose these 8 people anyway – the viewers didn’t have any input.

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