Box Office pushes Benjamin’s Button

the-curious-case-of-benjamin-button_lFoxtel has announced Warner Brothers’  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will premiere on Box Office on the same day and date as its Australian Blu-ray and DVD release.

Foxtel Director of Television Brian Walsh said, “This deal represents a transformational moment for subscription television subscribers who no longer have to leave home to see the latest release movies as soon as they are available on Blu-ray and DVD.

“The hugely popular and award-winning film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button was the perfect movie to launch this initiative.

“To inform subscribers about this landmark deal with Warner Bros, Foxtel Marketing will be undertaking a full campaign ‘Push the button to watch Benjamin Button’ so they can have On Demand access to the film.”

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button will be available from June 3, 2009 on Foxtel Box Office and Foxtel Box Office HD On Demand.


  1. I think this will be sounding the death nell for Video Stores. Once internet gets quicker we will be downloading more movies on computer and this will sqeeze them even more

  2. Why can’t Box Office show movies while they are in the cinema? It would be a home cinema. Why can’t they charge the normal ticketed entry price for the movie and when it comes to DVD reduce the fees to the normal rate?

  3. That’s a big coup to Foxtel. This will have some effect on video retailers; many will choose not to leave their home to get to the rental store. I myself, still make regular visits to my video store and will continue to do so. Foxtel can’t provide the back catalouge a video store does, and I doubt they ever will be able to do so… in the end the video store still wins in my eyes.

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